Worst smelling foods


I nominate corn nuts as the Wifeacita is munching away on a bag totally grossing me out.

(Jimmy ) #2

Really? Are they flavored in some way?


(Jimmy ) #4

I think I’ve only eaten Corn Nuts once. I thought they would shatter my teeth before I finished the portion. Never bought another bag…


Nope. Sorry, corn nuts don’t win that prize.
I would nominate the twit who would literally cook salmon from frozen in the work microwave.

Although, the smell of cooking duck actually turns me green- as does bacon for that matter, which has bothered me since childhood (never liked it)


You lost me at the smell of bacon, but I understand, I can’t stand eggs.

(Andrea) #7

I like corn nuts. But I’m also a loner, so it’s fine.


The smells you can practically taste when walking into a restroom, what the hell do these people eat?


rofl Yikes. Though I have to say, I think I’d actually prefer the smell of cooking salmon to microwave popcorn. I never understood how something so utterly devoid of flavor could leave a room (and 20’ down the hall outside the room…) smelling like hazmat for a good half an hour after it popped…

On an unrelated noted, I used to get constant grief for eating pretty much any Chinese food (good Chinese food from across the street at Wu Liang Ye :grin:) in shared workspace at one job - mostly from a couple of people who of course couldn’t imagine how anyone could possibly object to the smell of anything as suburban-so-called-normal as room-temperature tuna or egg salad.:roll_eyes: (Nor for that matter being mildly grossed out by someone dabbing those little bits of mayoout of the corners of their mouths with a finger and then licking it off…:anguished:)

(Gwenn) #10

I am probably in the minority here, and so be it. I hate the smell of eggs. When someone has an egg sandwich for breakfast at work I have to stop myself from wretching!


Wow I absolutely love the smell of bacon!

Fish sauce…that is some nasty stuff but tastes good.


I would take the smell of chinese food over tuna any day!
I had one coworker who had a knack for tossing her stinky lunch garbage in the basket at her desk. So the rest of the afternoon there would be an occasional assaulting whif of stank. The gift that kept on giving… (i finally grew a pair and asked if she could throw lunch garbage in the kitchen because of previous ant problems)


The following post could be considered gross so maybe some of you sensitive people shouldn’t read it.

I was in the restroom at work and the boss walked in after me and the comment was, “are you alright?”

I have no idea what I ate.

(Jimmy ) #14



Broiled salmon skin. I love salmon fresh cooked, cured, smoked, lox, etc., but the smell of broiling skin turns my stomach.

I like corn nuts but the smell does annoy when you aren’t the one eating them, you can smell them from 20 feet away.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #16

I’m a corn nut lover too!

(Ailsa Konzelman) #17

YES! We have one of those salmon microwavers at work too- he clears out our lunchroom.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #18

Not that you’d eat this but burnt microwave popcorn is pretty rank.


Steamed Brussels sprouts and cauliflower too.
Neither seems as bad when cooked other ways .
I had no idea people detested corn nuts with such ferocity.


Ha!! Maybe they’re soul mates waiting to meet :smile: