Worst Kitchen Purchase

Yes indeed. Whenever I do the extra strength doughs. 🫤

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Thank you this link works for me.
That looks very different than the one I bought.
It has a grill rack on top where mine just had slits so I can imagine that it would perform better as a smokeless grill.
It still looks like it is getting steamed with the addition of light grill marks.
Do you find that to be true?

That’s so interesting Ray,
My husband’s Grandmother swore by an electric can opener as the best invention ever (due to her arthritis).
So when we were first married, my husband surprised me with one and it never opened a can ever.


I watched the video in my second link after I posted it, and I think it’s very poor. I wouldn’t touch those sausages, they’re raw! Anyway, no, it’s never going to be as good as a charcoal grill, but it’s almost smokeless and perfectly acceptable for everyday steaks, burgers, BBQ rubbed chicken etc. There aren’t prominent grill marks, but the meat does get a little charred without steaming at all.

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