Woody's Tinton Falls, NJ

sorry for late reply- been a hectic few days…
Showed up at around 445 to a slightly half full restaurant, by the time we left it was prob 80% full…service was good, always appreciate when they bring out little ones stuff as soon as its ready like we ask…
I had regular burger- was very good, weird that they were out of cheddar so went with American…still prefer Pour House, but atmosphere here is miles better…Wife had steak fajitas which were very good if a bit overpriced…little one - ordered chicken fingers off kids menu but it tasted like it was actually food at one point and not just nuked frozen crap so that’s a plus…fries were excellent, crispy on outside and soft on inside…
Guacamole special was just ok…we got “savory” with bacon and roasted corn added in- guac itself was good but the added ingredients didn’t really add much…the sales it came with was excellent however…
Orange crush was good and beer on tap was as well. All in all a very nice if slightly expensive night…can;t judge what it looked like before, but interior is beautiful and always appreciate ample parking…

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Glad you seemed to overall enjoy the experience. Locally there is this, MJ’s, Pour House and CJ’s as your non-chain family friendly casual dining. For food quality I put this number 1, for value I put Pour House number 1. MJ’s I can’t stand and CJ’s is a step below that.

I like the popcorn at Pour House, but they over salt it (for obvious reasons) but the chips and salsa at Woody’s is awesome!!

Cj’s is garbage. I’d rather have Sonic or jersey mikes in the area. When quick check opens up across the steer i would rather go there.
Speaking of opening up does anyone know much about brickwall tavern in asbury ? Read they won liquor license from Little silver and will opening up next to train station. So they should be printing money soon.

Pizza at MJs is surprisingly decent I will say

Quick Check going where?

Across street from Cjs in Verizon building lot right next Europea grill lot

Brickwall in AP is OK bar food. That site in LS that they bought has a little single family house on it…years ago used to be a shoe store. Hard to believe that they will not knock it down and build new. It is located on Oceanport Avenue just across the tracks and next to the Brave New World Ski Haus store. Ingress/egress will be difficult from Oceanport Avenue…maybe they will use the Ski Haus drive.

As my previous posts will show I’m generally a pretty big fan of this place…well last night I had my first truly “bad” experience here. As you will see I ordered the "16oz Gochjung _PRIME** __ Strip Steak, I had to google Gochujang to figure out what the hell that was. Thanks to google it sounded yummy so I gave it a try.

The sauce and butter was very good, however there was NO WAY in hell this was a prime cut steak. First it was over cooked, medium well vs. m rare, but it wasn’t tender at all. In all my experience with prime steaks there is no way this was prime. I thought I would be writing a great review about a $32 160z prime find, instead I was deceived!!! Bastards!!! I’ll still be back, I’ll just never order a “prime” steak on special again. The steaks on the regular menu are far better than the horse meat I had last night. {{sigh}}

Did you speak with any of the staff about it?

I wonder if it was actually a prime steak. They don’t say prime grade. Notice they say prime cut. I’m probably over analyzing it, but just a thought.

You still can’t beat the cc strip for the money! I can’t find a better one around for 33 bucks.

I did not. Probably my bad, especially since it was over cooked which just added to the lack of tenderness expected by a “prime” steak.

@corvette_johnny wait till you have the $ 24. strip at One18 Bistro !!! It doesn’t have the same or any rub, which is what makes CC’s so good, but as far as sheer value goes I think it’s the best steak out there for the money.

Korean red pepper based BBQ sauce. It’s frickin delish on anything. I always have a jar in the fridge. Everyone should.

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We Rub You.

Good name for sauce, or a massage parlor. :grin:

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Interesting very interesting.

I have to try this. Where do you get it?

The We Rub You was from Cost Plus World Market. You can also get it in 500 gm/1 lb tubs for about $ 5.00 at pretty much any Asian market:

You use it as an ingredient in a marinade on things you’re gonna grill or fry, it’s especially good on pork or chicken.

Warning, it’s addictive.

Nice…I’ll have to try this out. I never really messed with Korean food at home but I love it. I’m not sure why I haven’t tried some grilled stuff at home. I’ve got quite a bit of wood and charcoal on hand so I’ll see what I can muster up.

Wood makes it good

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We’ve been doing a lot of takeout from here lately and have to say food has continued to be quite good. The shrimp tempura tacos with a side of rice and beans is a shockingly good value and staff is always accommodating even when we order during busy times and for the multitude of special requests we make in the orders. Will say the orange crush shrimp are dynamite as well for any friend shrimp lovers. They def do a bang up business as the last cpl times I picked up I have to wait for a spot to open up in the lot at all.

I actually had my first “bad” meal there recently. It was a steak special and besides way over cooking it I didn’t think the quality was there.

That being said, 1 let down over 2(?) year of multiple very good meals, ehhhh I’m not holding against them. I also didn’t complain while there, they might have corrected it. I’ll be back!!!

Besides this one experience I agree with you completely.


Those shrimp are definitely good. Is it me or does it seem like most places now have some type of fried shrimp app with a cream based sauce? It’s not a bad thing at all, just an observation.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold