Woody's Tinton Falls, NJ

Is Open!!! That’s all I’ve got, drove by tried to do in but the parking lot was full, I’ll try again soon. Tonight must be their first night, anyone goes please report back!

I’ve not heard of Woody’s. Via Google, I see it’s a second location for a restaurant with the same name – Woody’s Ocean Grille – in Sea Bright. When I went to the website on my laptop to look at the menus, the directions say, “…[C]lick the link below.” Unfortunately, the screen does not scroll; ergo, no way to click on the link. So, the bad news is that it appears the website is designed for mobile devices, not desktops or laptops. The good news for me: I have an iPad and so was able to look at the menus. Maybe we’ll give it a try sometime.

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It’s a casual place, I’ve been to the one in Sea Bright a time or two, nothing exceptional about it. Would just be nice to have a decent casual location in the area besides MJ’s, which I can’t stand or The Lincroft Inn which I loathe. (Although rumor has it Cipolini’s in Freehold is taking over the Lincroft Inn, unconfirmed rumor :wink:)

What’s MJ’s?

As for the Lincroft Inn, there was actually a very brief period of time when the food changed from mediocre to excellent. Around 2003 or '04, the owners hired Chef Eric Hambrecht at that time the executive chef at Frog and the Peach. It was a bold move because he changed the menu from Italian to contemporary American. We had a couple of dinners there and, needless to say, the food was outstanding. Sadly, it lasted maybe a year? He left to become executive chef and partner at the Stage House Inn & Tavern, in Scotch Plains.* The Lincroft Inn’s food immediately reverted to mediocre Italian. As for that rumor, It’s been ages since we’ve eaten at La Cippolina. We tried it a couple of times right after it opened and found the food disappointing, i.e., as mediocre as most of the Italian restaurants in our area. So, if it were to take over the Lincroft Inn, imo, it wouldn’t be an improvement.

(*It’s now called The Stage House Tavern, and there’s a second location in Somerset. I have no idea if Hambrecht is still involved.)

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MJ’s is what now occupies the location directly across the street, it use to be known as The Grist Mill for many, many years. I sure wish it was still the Grist Mill. (same owners as the Pour House and Sitting Duck, nothing fancy or gourmet about it, just decent family dining) MJ’s has taken Monmouth County by storm over the past 5 ± years, starting at this location they then took over the defunct Beacon Street location, then opened on 35 in Middletown, another defunct location which housed several failed establishments over the years, then The Buttonwood Manor and lastly The Cambridge Inn in Spotswood. An absolute mediocre brand at best experiences tremendous growth over the past 5 years and I cannot fathom why.

Agreed with La Cippolina being average, but honestly I find Lincroft Inn to be well below average, so average for that location in my opinion would be a vast improvement. The current owners live upstairs in the Lincroft Inn, complete with their dog, who can be seen wandering around the restaurant from time to time, I’m curious if they are still going to maintain their residence there.

Stage House Tavern is an interesting place. Restaurant, Bar, Outdoor bar, Band Venue et al, but they do have surprisingly good food. I do not know who the Chef’s or owners are, but I’ve enjoyed the food on the few occasions I have found myself in the area. A childhood friend of mine is one of the house bands there, Amp’d, tell him you are a friend of mine, he will dedicate a song to you. (Hopefully you are a fan of Motley Crue)

Ah, I now recall that you talked about MJ taking over the Grist Mill on CH. As for the Buttonwood Manor, ages ago, we attended a couple of Bar Mitvahs there. Horrible food! The restaurant’s food wasn’t horrible thought nothing more than just o.k. While it was never a place Michael and I would choose to go to, his parents once picked it for a family dinner. They liked plain food, so it was right up their gustatory alley.

We’ve not been to the Stage House. It’s always had a reputation for good food though they’ve done away with upscale in favor of a casual, something-for-everyone style menu. Nothing wrong with that if it’s what keeps the place afloat.

I know the name Motley Crue, but I’m not a fan of it or any other band of that kind.

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Well I made it here over the long weekend. First let me start with they really did a hell of a job with the rehab of the place. I had said previously I had no idea how or why they were closed for construction as long as they were, the previous occupant, Moose’s had cleaned the place up nicely and didn’t really get much use out of their time there, so I felt it was in near move in condition. Well they redid the entire interior and really opened the place up, it’s very nice and very cozy/comfortable.

The menu can be seen online, please see it here, it’s rather diverse;

We had two salads and I had the lobster/crab bisque. The bisque was excellent but a little too thick, probably sat in the soup tureen all day, we were there late 9:30-ish and someone should have cut it a bit with some broth or preferably some sherry!! All in all a small problem to have, I enjoyed it.

I don’t remember which salad my wife had, but she enjoyed it, I got the chicken ceaser salad which was described as served with their spicy ceaser dressing. I didn’t taste any spice, but it didn’t ruin the salad, just not what I was expecting, the salad was still very good.

Not a very in depth dining experience but a favorable one none the less. Looking forward to trying more things, the menu is very diverse and does contain a tomahawk ribeye!! I will report back with more information as I have it. Do give it a try if you are in the area, far better than MJ’s across the street or Lincroft Inn up the road.

FYI Portofino’s across the corner from here remains closed!?!?!?!?

Returned tonight to give the espresso rubbed NY Sirloin a try, it is very good!

Nice…was this on special?

No it’s the one on the menu, maybe it wasn’t espresso rubbed, I don’t remember what exactly the rub was, but it was good. Far less imposing flavor than Copper Canyon which takes away from the steak to me.

So last night I went to gaslight. They have 50oz tomahawk for 90 on special with 3 sides. I asked what the bartender knew about the steak and the aging process. The bartender didn’t know anything. really? sigh. I ate a burger. Come on…you’re pitching a 90 dollar steak and the special simply says “50oz tomahawk with three sides”

They cant do better and be more descriptive? Management, chef, or unskilled staff?

90 is approaching nyc/vegas prices at world class places like cut, prime, gordons, PLuger, etc

$90. you are getting a porterhouse for 2 at anyone of the NY Steakhouses, Lugers included. The scenario you are giving here was my exact feelings regarding it at Woody’s when I asked the waitress about it. DO NOT offer “high” end entree’s if your staff isn’t going to be able to articulate about them intelligently. (I did get the strip off the menu and it was very good though, I will try the Tomahawk there next)

I’m telling you my friend, go to Fernandes get the Tomahawk for $55. including the decent salad bar you cannot go wrong. It’s not prime nor aged, but with a rib eye I don’t find that matters as much. I only seek out a Strip/Sirloin or Porterhouse for prime / aged, for me that is where you get the best flavor/value for the money. That’s just me though, ymmv.

Ferandes 3 has been on my radar for like 2 years. I still cant believe I havent been there yet. I will definitely try that ribeye. The one at beachtavern is actually quite good. Try that in monmouth beach. …50 bucks but a good steak.

While I’ve posted this pic’s in another thread, it was too difficult searching to find this thread on my cell phone, I want to bump this thread up and give this establishment the attention it deserves. I have dined here quite a few times now, also have gotten to-go and every mean has been very good. From burrito’s to the tomahawk pictured below, everything is quality and fresh. I truly enjoy this place and it is a very welcome addition to the area for us locals. Below is the wedge salad $10. (that is fresh bacon strips across the top, they were still warm upon serving and smelled delicious!! Well worth the $10.) The tomahawk $ 75. has an excellent “ancho and pasiila” rub, which is the same rub as their NY Strip. The rub works excellent with both steaks.

My only criticisms of my experience with this meal is if you are going to be offering steaks of this nature you really do need to offer some other sauce than A-1. I specifically requested if they could make a back of bearnaise and was told no (I was just giving it a shot, I didn’t really expect them to say yes) and the other criticism is the menu does not mention the sides. I’m doing no carbs, I did not want, nor could I have eaten if I wanted to the potatoes. When the steak was served my initial instinct was to ask to have it re-plated, but obviously I didn’t want them man handling my meat (yeah, you read that right) so I just accepted it as is. Now I know better for next time and I will instruct them in advance. Again, if you are serving something of this nature it should be pretty well spelled out how it’s being served. I asked the bar tender specifically to tell me about the steak, per the menu " Ask about Woody’s Famous Tomahawk Steak (market price)" which is exactly what I did. The rub, nor the sides were mentioned.

Overall an excellent meal, I do encourage you to give this place a try. (Corvette Johnny it’s YOUR TURN)

At 75 bucks it had better be Prime and dry-aged, and if that’s the case I wouldn’t want rub on it!

Based on what I’m reading about staff, it’s unlikely if we’ll ever know much about this meat. Sounds to me like they charge a whole bunch for a flashy piece of meat (a bone hanging off of a rib steak) and figure people will think it’s special and fork over the cash.

It was not described as prime nor dry aged. A similar cut billed as prime & dry aged at Char in Red Bank was $90. (I believe) add the crab and blue cheese crusting and it placed the steak at over $100+. (If memory serves me correctly, I wasn’t the one who ordered it, nor was I the one paying. I’m reciting from a few post dinner comments that were made about the price of the special steak). This was completely ala’ carte’ with no sides. If you wanted a side of asparagus or mashed potatoes you could probably add an additional $18-$20 to that price.

I recently had the tomahawk pictured here at Fernandes Steakhouse in Sayreville at $55. which in my opinion was a bargain. The one at Woody’s is a slightly larger cut, the rub is excellent and it is literally within walking distance from home, so for me I’ll pay the premium for convenience.

I’m not trying to claim it’s a bargain, that’s why I included the price in my review, I don’t want someone to be caught off guard even if the menu does state “Market Price” (or buyer beware) on it.

**Edited to add, looks like I lied, I can’t find a pic of the Fernandes Tomahawk, sorry

The whole idea of “market price” for steak is new to me. Sounds like more marketing nonsense. Ugh.

Reviving this one…heading there tonight. Other than the steak any recommendations? Anyone had the burger? Mrs met liked the fajitas might head that way too. Want to try the orange crush but been cutting out the drinking lately except wine which doesn’t count lol…

I have not had their burgers however my son (a burger guy) and a good friend have both raved about their burgers. Other than the steak, their pork chop is excellent, all their apps are very good. Honestly out of the dozens of meals I’ve had there the only thing I would not order again was their duck tacos. Not that they were bad, just bland and very dry. That’s my only complaint about the place. Enjoy and please report back!

If it’s not too late - get the shrimp appy!

Burgers were pretty good too.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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