Wood fire cooking

In the country, we occasionally seize the opportunity to roast meats on the hearth of our fireplace, which is our only source of heat. Husband altered a (garage sale $5) Farberware rotisserie in order to use it as a roasting jack in front of fireplace coals.

Last night, a 2# rear lamb shank

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 8.49.38 AM

Works well with chunks of meat but a 3# chicken takes too long to be efficient.


When I used to have a wood stove I loved cooking in it . I would place a cast iron pan inside . Or do a steak caveman style . Once i did a duck hanging from a string . It spins around slowly. Saw this on great chefs.


What is your temperature and time for the duck? Do you remember the size of the bird?

Yes I saw Mallmann hanging the meat for hours in his cooking.

This was years ago . I don’t remember the time and temperature. I moved the coals around and put a little wood on when needed . Cooked it until it was browned nicely . Medium heat fire with a drip pan underneath

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Always good to see another fan of the flames. Our latest acquisition for outdoor cooking is a flambadou. Here, we’re flambadouing scallops with duck fat (last week). They were extremely good.

More on the flambadou:


Thanks much for this, jammy! I had seen this tool pictured in several books on antique cooking paraphernalia . (I recommend both books to those interested in old cooking equipment as well as hearth cooking. Recipes are written for today’s cook.)


Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 7.56.31 AM

I really hankered for one, so I was thrilled to find one at an antique fair in France. The seller, I think, had no idea what it was, so the price was quite manageable. Wrought iron,

No, I’ve never tried to use it. I suggested that I was going to and husband responded as if I were quite mad. So it is part of my “old cooking stuff” collection.

Those are some nice looking books! If they weren’t so expensive, they’d be in my amazon cart.

I hope you use the flambadou. It’s not difficult and it imparts a good flavour to the food. Yours looks to be in good condition.

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Sorry about the current prices of the books. I’ve had them for years and had no idea. You might find the first one at your district library, For instance, I see that San Francisco has it. Good luck.

Keep those treasures safe. It’s amazing what some books cost after they’re out of print.