Wiring to dishwasher, garbage disposal and faucet sensor

Is this cookware? I thought there was an appliance subforum, but couldn’t find it.

We have had a garbage disposal, dishwasher, and more recently a touch faucet for several years, but soon after we replaced the touch faucet several weeks ago, the water shuts off when we turn the garbage disposal is turned on.

We had the plumber who installed it back and he talked about a hot something or other, and splitting it.

I’ve found some YouTube videos and articles,

but thought I’d ask here as well. What should I know? Why did this happen weeks after installation? And…I think the faucet has a battery.

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Count your blessings…when I turn on the disposal the Vitamix roars to life and my PC reboots. :man_shrugging:t3:


Btw - electricity and I don’t get along. And come to think of it, plumbing and I don’t either. If you still want my recommendation I will be glad to do so. But no one should ever follow my advice because it usually involves alcohol, heroin, blackouts, and parole.

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Thank you for the offer. I was sort of hoping engineer @Auspicious would add something, but he must be on a boat somewhere.


The same thing happened to us last year when the kitchen faucet was “upgraded” - clue was that the drinking water tap starting giving hot water (and the dishwasher backed up / gave up a few times).

Same guy who created the problem came back 3 more times to “fix” it - plus the dishwasher repair guy, because it wasn’t actually obvious that one issue was causing both things.

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Try asking on the website Houzz.
Lots of appliance discussions there.

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Thank you. I’ll try. I did search there. I can’t find things like I used to.

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touch devices work on micro-Farah differences in capacitance.

if they are on the same circuit as ‘other stuff’ - odd behaviors can be observed.

why after months? super tiny differences in grounding, wire / terminal corrosion / resistance - quite normally insignificant to the ‘normal’ circuit issues can make capacitance triggered stuff act weird.

not an ‘answer’ or a ‘solution’ - merely if some repair dude babbles on about a corroded / high resistance ‘connection’ - might not be BS.

our dishwasher would ‘die’ at the same point in its cycle . . . traced to the heating element ‘turn on-time’ - bad/shorting element, no?..
replaced heating element, no success. poking further revealed melted / fused / overheated wires/insulation in the metal junction box. yeah, installation screw-up . . .
basically, one cannot always trust the obvious cause . . .


Thank you!

I figured out that as described in the Houzz link in the original post, the faucet sensor is plugged into a switch outlet, along with the garbage disposal, and when one is on, the other isn’t. It needs to be plugged into an unswitched outlet. The second outlet is unswitched, but has the dishwasher plugged in there. The last touchless faucet used batteries, and this one is only AC.

I still don’t understand why I didn’t notice it before.