Winter 2022 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine and Dish of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Hey HOs! I hope you’re all enjoying a happy holiday season thus far! I decided to start our nomination thread for both Cuisine and Dish of the Quarter a little early this month so it (hopefully) doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. Since last quarter’s nomination thread sparked quite a bit of discussion about where certain topics fit best, I thought we’d do the nomination process for both categories in one thread and then separate them for voting purposes. Please nominate your choices for both IN ALL CAPS below (and limit your nominations to one per category per HO, please). I’ll leave the nominations open until December 22. Looking forward to cooking with you all in the new year!

I’m still team HAND PIE. Sweet and savory stuff
Wrapped :gift: in dough.


How literally do we interpret “hand”? I’ve been known to eat a variety of stuffed doughs out of hand…dim sum, piroge, friends…

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They exist everywhere in some form, (fairly) easy to make or find, and they are delicious :yum:
NAFs reminiscing about McDs apple pies got me remembering and I’ll always love bierocks.
So many more…

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It seems nobody has ever proposed this in the vote, which is a bit wierd. From nabe to shabu shabu. There are a range of Japanese dishes for winter.


I’ll vote for this!


Love the idea of Japanese.


Once again I was planning to nominate Indian - it’s so comforting to me this time of year. But! JAPANESE is my favorite cuisine, so…

I’ll let everyone else decide what we’re going for DOTQ and will cook whatever it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


HO HO HO, Merry Christmas, HOs! Since the nominations thread was quiet this quarter and we had just one nomination for each category, I have decided to dispense with the voting threads and hereby declare JAPANESE and HAND PIES our big winners! I’ll post the new threads by the first. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!