Winter 2021 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Happy New Year HOs! We had a great group of nominees for COTQ this time around - select your favorite by “forking” the corresponding post below. One vote per HO, please! For reference, here is the list of previous winners (I eliminated any previously-chosen cuisines from the voting). Thanks! Master list/links of past Cuisine of the Quarter

Like this post for BELGIAN.

Like this post for CHINESE.


Like the post for GREEK.


Like this post for MOVIE/TELEVISION FOODS.


Like this post for SCANDINAVIAN.


1st: Greek

2nd: Moroccan

3rd: Film / Televisions Dishes / Soap Opera / Telenovela Gastronomy …

@Barca, in the voting thread you choose your favorite by liking just one of the posts above. I see that you liked two of them (Greek and Movie/Television). Which vote do you want to have counted? Either let me know here or remove your like from the other post. Thanks!

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I will go with the Greek Cuisine.

Thank you. Happy New Year.

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Voting will be available till when @biondanonima ?

Voting will close on Friday morning, January 8. Thanks @naf for the reminder!

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Thx @biondanonima Good, still have a few more days to catch up with a few British dishes that I want to cook but no time.

Don’t forget to vote!


Wow, this was a close one - as of 11am on January 8, we have a tie between Greek and Chinese! I will cast my tie-breaking vote for CHINESE this time around. Thanks HOs for voting - I look forward to learning more about this vast and varied cuisine with you!