Winter 2019 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Happy New Year HOs! It’s time to choose 2019’s first Cuisine of the Quarter. With the weather cooling off, I am looking forward to hearty braises and LOTS of spice. How about you? I’ll leave this thread up until next Friday - please add your nominations in ALL CAPS below, and happy cooking!


Stews and hearty food are nice, great for cold winter. But also want some lighter and more simple dishes, immediately after the feasts. It won’t be a easy choice.

I’m thinking of KOREAN cuisine.

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Another thought, want some spicy food, how about CHINESE SICHUAN cuisine? I hope it’s not too narrow.

Is there a list of what has been done?

Edit: see below - I’ve started a reference thread!

It seems by using “pin” for the thread, we can’t see it on the homepage, or it’s only me?!

I made a reference thread for the past Cuisine of the Quarter threads. This will make it easy to see what has already been done!


Well done!

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Thank you both! I would be thrilled with either Sichuan or Korean, so we’ll see how the voting plays out!

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