Winter 2018 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Hey HOs! HO HO HO and happy holidays to you all! It’s time to think about what we’d like to cook this winter for Cuisine of the Quarter. I’m all about hearty braises, roasts and roasted vegetables this time of year, when the residual heat from my oven is welcome in the kitchen. Hit me with your nominations! Since we’re all busy this time of year, I’ll leave the nominating open until New Years, and we can vote for our favorites the first week of January. Looking forward to your ideas!

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First of all, thanks @biondanonima for organising this. I must say with the COTQ I have participated (Vietnamese and Moroccan), I have really learned a lot. It is when I used the same ingredients over and over that I slowly get the sense and understanding of the cooking, it feels like as if I have been travelling. Lots of fun and discoveries. I do hope more HOers get involved though.

After the Christmas and the New Year, we would like to eat lighter, I nominate GERMAN cuisine, it has a great variety of dishes from vegetable dishes to hearty meat or cheese plates.

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I was such a miserable contributor to Moroccan quarter that I fear making any suggestions. I really love Moroccan food, and still, found almost no time to participate.

I’m a little tentative making a suggestion as I won’t be back from Asia until mid February so can’t contribute till then. However I won’t be able to eat out so will be doing a lot of cooking at home. I know I will miss Malaysian food so that would be my nomination MALAYSIAN.

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This may be the first time I have ever seen LIGHTER and GERMAN in the same sentence! :slight_smile:


Haha, this is called marketing! :rofl:
But there are some vegetables dishes or dumplings that is not that heavy!! :grin:

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I was useless last quarter too - just not a lot of time for cooking in general. That’s perfectly okay, though - life just gets in the way sometimes. If you have a cuisine in mind, please nominate!

I’m only submitting a suggestion because it will hold me accountable to my kimchi making goals!
And i loooovvvee korean food yet a lot of the dishes aren’t so vegetarian friendly when eating out. Maangchi has a fantastic youtube channel and website including a great korean grocery store guide i found super helpful


How about a fermentation thread? I would love a place to talk sauerkraut, kimchi, and my favorite, summer dill pickles.


It exists:

Sauerkraut thread:


I think we need a fermentation board. @hungryonion

Now, should i be faithful to my choice or yours…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not too familiar with Korean cuisine, but the few meals i had in restaurants were good!

Malaysian consists of 3 distinctive ethnics cooking, do you mean all the three types or Malaysian Malay cuisine?

A good question. It’s a tricky one to answer. I’d say all of it. Dishes like pan mee and bak kut teh are obviously Chinese in origin but are definitely Malaysian. Even wonton mee although being Cantonese definitely has evolved in Malaysia to be a slightly different dish. Even in Malaysia for example wonton mee in KL is different to Melaka and varitiond can be found all over Malaysia . For Indian dishes It’s slightly different in terms of evolution but Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai are definitely Malaysian.

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Fish market.
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