Wing Lee Bakery, Clement @ 6th Ave, San Francisco

Our local for dim sum take out. Dim sum seems to vary in SF shops as chefs come and go. At present, dim sum at this location are good, and larger than in the past. Average $2.60 per order/3
Photos taken through the glass, trying to be unobtrusive and much to the amusement of neighborhood shoppers.

We bounce between/among others on the street, Happy Garden, Good Luck and dumpling house, Xiao Long Bao. All exemplary of one style or another.


Mmm… radish cakes

I’ve not been in a few years. Any favorite items at Wing Lee?

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Depends on what you like. SharkFin, which they assure me contains no shark fin, sui mai, har gow, pot stickers, pork combination (soft rice wrap;per), lemon “sandwich” dumplings. I tired of the baked and steamed buns but they are very good when you have a hankering.

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my 2 favorites at Wing Lee Bakery are the vegetarian tofu skin rolls stuffed with vermicelli and mushrooms and the coriander gao.

here’s a photo from Yelp of the tofu skin rolls:


After loading up at Wing Lee Bakery, I cross the street to catch the Muni 44 O’Shaughnessy bus to the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.