Windmill closing North Long Branch location

I just got a text from Windmill. They are closing the north Long Branch location as of Tuesday, and then rebuilding in Ursula Plaza. Time marches on!

I’m not sure their parking lot can support Amy’s , Niko’s , and a Windmill.

Dave it definitely can. The whole north eastern quadrant in that lot is generally empty.

I wonder what store it is taking over

this is the non-windmill Windmill, correct?


ok- that one and that areas was kinda dumpy comparatively speaking to the other location. Wonder if they expect more competition from new and improved Maxs?

Condo’s from what I understand.

Correct, if it were the Windmill - Windmill I would have chained myself to the building to forbid the destruction /closure.

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Bad news double whammy! Windmill is taking over the Niko’s location, and a condo complex is going up where the Windmill plaza is.

That’s our preferred Windmill location because we can sit outside and they have beer and wine.

The Ursula Plaza parking lot is a pain in the arse! It makes people drive like morons somehow. At lunchtime and on weekends, the northeast quadrant has been populated more so since Jersey Mike’s moved in. The liquor store draws a good crowd too at certain times.

Niko’s has been for sale for a long time, I guess no buyers and they are just walking away. What a shame.

Damn, I like Nikkos. Well that is a bummer

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That happened to a great greasy spoon in my neighborhood recently. Both husband and wife owners needed surgeries at the same time. They searched diligently for a fast order cook to manage the place while they were recouperating. No help there. Tried to sell the place–a gold mine from 8 AM - 8 PM. No buyers. So they shuttered the diner and walked away. Hundreds of us regulars left in the dust. The New Economy–where ever it plays out in the U.S. sucks.


Does anyone know what the new condos will go for?

Dam…I’ve only been to this location one time, but I’m still a big fan of the brand.

I’ve never had WindMill (Curlz ducks), but I really do have to wonder (sans snark)…do people eat hot dogs on a regular basis any more? I wondered this when Tower Dogs opened on the AP boardwalk this summer… at the beach and/or with kids, I can understand it.

Well as a big fan of their product(s) I can only tell you this much, although I love them I probably only average 2-4 per year.

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A good friend of mine owned Amazing Hot Dog up in Verona; it opened in…2005, iirc. Went gangbusters until the economy tanked, but I watched people hand over $4-8 for a ‘gourmet’ dog (most toppings were made in-house + the fries were hand cut and to die for) day after day until the economy tanked. I’VE never eaten hot dogs as often as I did when AHD was open, but that was only because I wanted to support the owner! They’re never a thought for me now.

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Montclair ex-pat here. LOVED AHD. Always did the dog plain but - those fries - WOW! Some day I may find decent real fries down here. I can only hope.


Hot dogs haven’t been a regular part of our diets for years. Sniff. We go to the Windmill once or twice a year as a treat. My husband and I usually share a dog (blistered on the grill, of course) and an order each of French fries and onion rings. We’re overdue. We didn’t end up going for a dog this summer probably because we can’t make ourselves go to Ursula Plaza for it. We loved sitting outside behind the old NLB location at a picnic table or on the wall at the old surfer beach.

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Popular hot dog joint WindMill closes Shore location after more than 30 years

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