Windansea, Highlands [NJ] closed


Are they the same owners? The menu is rather average, for lack of a better term, and it has the same feel as wind n sea. In fact, if I didn’t know there was a new name, I don’t think I would know the difference.

Forgive me if I missed info above. I’m kind of tired and not looking through 100 posts lol

I love pretzel roll burgers so I will report back soon. I’m happy to see them on the menu.

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No idea about the owners. I never went to Windansea. However, the vibe I got from the internet and seeing their major rebranding campaign, I assumed they were different and wanted to distance themselves.

HOWEVER, the Windansea website is still up and running, so who knows?


It seems very similar. I was with my friend Maria and she was all scared about walking in the back door. There is some sign posted near the water about walking in through the front (ie you can’t come in through the back.) I just opened the door and walked in lol. We sat at the bar. I don’t need to walk through the entire restaurant to get a seat at the bar.

Ps…by back door I mean the gate right next to the inlet cafe. So it isn’t a door technically.


Well I went today and had a nice time. The weather was gorgeous and they now have a football menu. It appeared to be all day and yes, college ball apparently qualifies. So I decided to make it a cheap afternoon and order all stuff on the special menu.

I had 3 bud lights at 2.00 a pop. Yes it’s crap beer but I was being cheap today. I got the pretzel “logs” and 3 came on the dish for 6.00 They came with beer cheese and mustard. I wasn’t getting much beer flavor in the cheese but it was tasty. This was a decent app. I love warm soft pretzels.

I also got the fried shrimp for 6.00

They weren’t stellar but at 6 bucks I really cant complain. The sauce was kind of a terryaki blend and really thin. The flavor was mild and it could have been a little thicker. I juiced them up with some lemon.

My final dish was the “peel and eat” shrimp. I think I literally got 14 shrimp. I forgot to count but I took a single pic. Note pic was taken after sampling some. These were served in a rather unusual style. They were freshly cooked and seasoned. They came out hot but served on crushed ice like regular shrimp cocktail. So I had maybe 2 hot then let them cool off which took like 3 mintues. The seasoning was rather bland since it mainly gets on the shell and the cocktail sauce was very mild.

For another 6 dollar dish, this was the winner of the day. No they won’t blow your mind, but for a 6 dollar shrimp dish sitting on the water, this was a really fair deal. Next time I may do three things…

A) ask them to add extra horse radish
B) Ask for extra spice on the shrimp
C) put a few drops of tobasco in the cocktail sauce.

So for 6 bucks a pop, these apps were not bad. In fact, I was actually impressed with the shrimp for the money. I think I can improve them a little with my thoughts above. The venue is right, price is right and I love september weather.

If I can get Jr to come I’m thinking we can easily dust off 7 or 8 plates of these “peel and eat” shrimp lol

So my bill was 27 bucks. Normally I’m in the hole for like 80 or 90 on a weekend lunch and drinking session.


To clarify things, I am just speaking about my experience with the special football menu. I’d recommend that on the weekend. I don’t have experience to rate this place overall as I’ve only had one appetizer the first time I went.