Windansea, Highlands [NJ] closed


So charming…

Oh my.

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More like, oh no.


I can’t tell if this is a true request or if you’re being sarcastic. They’re a great band.

Gee, I’m sorry, no offense intended.

Is this any better?


Any new info on this joint? The website doesn’t have anything so it appears they are not open yet.

My cousin was at Inlet Cafe on Friday afternoon. The former Windansea remains closed.

Has anyone been to Proving Ground yet? I stare at it almost every day from Sandy Hook and am curious. They started following me on Instagram yesterday and it prompted me to ask here.

We are now 5 months in to their online presence and their website still has “Coming Soon” and no menu information. Limited pictures online. Food looks neither good nor bad.

I believe you know the answer, Greg. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sent Proving Ground a message on Instagram mentioning how they have no menu online and that I want to check them out as a food blogger. They responded with simply a pic of the menu and nothing else. It was actually sent as one of those “disappearing images” so I had to screenshot it.

Some of you here may be enticed by the tomahawk steak, but this menu does nothing for me. Nothing unique or standout, and honestly, very boring. I think I’ll pass.

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How the hell is a tomahawk 24oz? Did I read that correctly? Seems super small

My thoughts exactly. Aren’t tomahawks usually 40 or so ounces? And that price for such a small cut?

Imagine it’s not even a tomahawk. Wouldn’t be the first time a restaurant used a misnomer. I always think of @NotJrvedivici and his “that’s not a wedge salad” story.


The only good thing on the menu is the buffalo cauliflower…par boiled, lightly coated, flash fried, and coated with buffalo sauce, nicely displayed with a dollop of blue cheese and chopped celery. I wanted to hate it, but I didn’t.


What mind of protein dishes did you try? I had a feeling this place was going to be a dud

Had the crispy chicken sandwich…chicken was moist enough but it was a little shake and bakey, if you will. The chicken fell right out of the crust. This place has a plan to survive the winter with televisions…could work. It won’t survive on cauliflower alone.

They need a special each night during the winter, and a good one. Sitting duck and PH have the right idea with their specials. They aren’t great but a decent value. This place could be cool if they did something like 5.00 burgers, wing night, half off apps night etc. Locals aren’t going to be sitting down in the middle of winter drinking 12 dollar drinks and buying 55.00 steaks.

So I had the cauliflower tonight and you’re right, it’s a good dish. I’ll take a joke out of jr’s handbook…

How do you get a fat guy to eat cauliflower? You deep fry it, coat it with hot sauce and butter, then smother it in blue cheese lol.

I had one drink and it was pretty weak. It was supposed to have jalapeño infused liquor but it wasn’t spicy at all. 8 dollars

The band was actually very good and simple…3 man crew and not insanely loud. I’d go hang there on a Thursday again.

My next trip I want to try their “brew burger”

I wonder if they do any happy hour specials. I’ll investigate.


Hahahaha!!! What was it that I ate? Good memories @corvette_johnny!!

Ron’s eggrolls! (Regarding the broc rabe)

I remember cracking up at that joke


Briefly considered them today for happy hour/drinks and snacks (the $5 rum punches were enticing) but decided against. Maybe after Labor Day. (At least they posted a happy hour menu to Insta)