William Henry cutlery

Years ago they made a cutlery collection, and I just noticed on their web-site, they are making it again. Beautiful workmanship and material, just like their pocket-knives, but at $2450 for a set, they had better be something very special. Anyone here know anything about them or about the quality of the materials? Too late to ask for a set for x-mas, so strictly a matter of curiosity

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In my opinion, a set of cutlery has (if you will) an upper limit of possible special-ness due to the fact that it’s cutlery, and (again just my opinion) that limit is far below $2450.

I mean, even if someone did spend many hours hand-grinding and hand-polishing the inner surfaces of the fork tines, what would be the benefit in the end? An artist shouldn’t spend time on something that will benefit no one not even himself.

If someone spends hours polishing a chef’s knife, and shows that (because he has done all this work) even the stickiest piece of cheese will fall to the cutting board and not stick to the knife, I’m certain someone will highly value his work and buy the knife at a premium price. Very good for both people. I don’t believe a modern cutlery set has any such potentially valuable work waiting to be done.

I’m not impressed. Start by calling a hone a sharpener – what’s up with that? The knife they call a Santoku is not. The utility knife is just a big paring knife.

Who and how is going to sharpen them? I sharpen mine on a tri-stone but I wouldn’t dare touch those and I imagine must commercial guys won’t either. Who wants the liability?

Someone somewhere will buy a set but people do all sorts of silly things.


A bit off subject, looking at their pocket knives… those prices!



I don’t mind this one.

I don’t think people who own them would really use them.

Agreed. Use that to sharpen the knives?! Hmmm.

Too many chef knives in the series too. Lacks a filleting knife…


This looks like Robb Report stuff.
Aimed at folks with lots of $$$ and somewhat less common sense.

Their recommendations on cooking knives make more sense.

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You’re right!
Even my sarcastic recommendation
has more common sense.

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I misinterpreted the OP, but it looks like my mistake didn’t really matter in the end.

The whole website seems to be filled with things that make me wonder what I would want them for and what anybody would want them for. But it must be because I don’t know anyone who resembles their customers. (I’m presuming someone must be buying what they make.) I don’t get it.

TBH, I’ve been a fan of their regular knives for years, but while they were always expensive, they were still usable, the current range for the most part is knives as an art form- I can still admire it and if it were not at non-stratospheric prices, I might have considered owning one. The cutlery, takes a utilitarian object and makes it too purty to actually use. But I did wonder !