Why Is The Edit Time So Short?

It would be nice to have 24 hours at least.

Sometimes one doesn’t always catch typos right away, or grammar errors. Or we want to add a link or photo.

Would someone kindly adjust the edit time.


The initial discussion was here:

Thank you, I read through, but am still not sure why we have a one-hour window, as opposed to a 24-hour window.

Everyone has an opinion, but I don’t see any resolution. Can we take a vote?

Sure. I vote for the one-hour window. Keeping the post open to changes for an extended period disadvantages anyone who replies to it - you can alter what you wrote based on the responses you receive, and that’s not fair. If you want to correct a typo or add a link, you’re free to reply to yourself with that correction/addition.

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Well, I thought 1 hour is a little short too. However, I think 24 hour is too long. Between the two, I vote for 1 hour. As for typo, I don’t think many people have more typo than I do.

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