Why Do You Like it Here?



I’ve got to be honest with you, as neither an intelligent or educated person myself, I find an air of elitism to be more offensive than an f’ bomb. {{shurgs}} I dunno, like I previously said, maybe I just ain’t that bright.


I like air of elitism. Too much anti-elitism these days if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Want me to take the air out of your balloon kiddo? :balloon: (joke)

I can’t say that I’ve noticed a lot of profanity on this site. Perhaps one post that I can think of.

Myself, I find it a bit refreshing that one can make a remark and not have their entire post deleted.

Additionally, I tend to use more profanity when I am comfortable and among friends.Which makes me think members of this board feel more relazed and at home. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that every second word is #$%^$ when I am with friends.

I am educated, intelligent and I occasionally swear.


Geez I’m so relaxed that I’m relazed…


It is no secret that there is a member of another group that uses vulgarity consistantly, in every post, as a badge of honor: It seems that way to me, anyway.

It isnt cute, it isnt funny and it isnt entertaining. It is gross.

That said, I surely dont want to see a watered down “this tasted so poopy”… The waitress was such a meanie puss"…etc…

Sometimes people places and things cannot be described accurately without cursing. It is why cursing was invented.



That poster mostly sounds immature. Or maybe he has Tourette’s '-)

Yeah, the fuck letters are close together. Techno Tourretes…

Thats probably it.

[quote=“linguafood, post:28, topic:1566, full:true”]
That poster mostly sounds immature. Or maybe he has Tourette’s

If we’re talking about K here . It’s his style . Get over it . If you are to visit LA . Read between the lines . He knows what he is talking about .


I honestly don’t care for elitism, or most ism’s for that matter. Elitism, racism, sexism, anti-semitism et.al. You can keep your ism’s, I much prefer “asm’s”, give me an asm any day of the week.

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I have nothing to “get over”, and I am not really interested in someone’s reviews of places I am likely never to visit.

As for your suggestion to

… don’t you mean “read between the fucks?”


Chasm? Spasm? Sarcasm?

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Are a few of my favorite things…

Wow. I gotta crawl out from under my rock.

Please refrain from commenting on people not on this board- they are not here.

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The constant curser could be anybody on many of the other sites. Just like the fried fooder or the gal that only wants to talk about crabs…(she annoys me)

Youre right they arent here…they are everywhere…

I agree with the welcoming comment.

I also like that people respond to posts and also respond to those who have replied to their post. I find it a bit off putting when people make requests, get responses and then don’t have the courtesy to follow up with the people who took the time to help them.

I guess people are courteous- that’s why I like it here.

Oh- I also like that we are allowed to have a sense of humour without having mods or members jumping down our throats.


Yeah, I bet I know an “asm” you like more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We anti-elitists used to be such an exclusive group but now they let anyone in.