Why Do You Like it Here?

I got a bit nosey today and checked out how CH and another site mentioned here were doing lately so I could see for myself.

The first thing that stood out to me was how many questions were ignored at both. Many were first time posters. Not even a “I dont know how to make haggis in a bathtub, but welcome”…No response at all. Not very welcoming.

One of the reasons I like it here is because I have never seen a question not replied to. May not be the answer you needed, but you werent ignored.

There is also a kinda comraderie here that the others didnt have. I know it wont be all peaches and cream (see what I did?) all the time and I would get a tooth ache if it was, I appreciate the respect shown to each other here.

The knowledge here, in this small group, is a gem.

That is why I like it here :blush:


All of that and a bag of kale chips for me, too.

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HA, make mine Munchos. Keep yer kale! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But otherwise right there with ya both!


I like bacon (is this the kind of answer we are suppose to give now?)

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HA HA HA, I think Stone Soup was making a little food joke “all that and a bag of chips” (but make hers kale). Still your response made me grin. I think the OP was after why you enjoy spending time here.

I wish I could say what made it nice. It doesn’t feel like some sort of club where everyone already knows one another (though many of us do!). I think the other playground tended to feel more like that and it was much less welcoming when I first joined. Maybe it’s all a perception, but in any case, I find this a friendly place to share ideas and am glad to be here with you all!


I think HO feels like the mean teacher is gone and it’s recess all day.


I thought we were playing a game along with the original poster’s point of

May not be the answer you needed, but you werent ignored.

So I thought we were suppose to just saying nonsensical things.

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Ah, well, I’m a big fan of nonsense, too, as you must have figured out by now. :smile:

That can be pro and con. The club. Many years ago, I almost joined a kitchen knife forum, but didn’t. Regardless, I later heard that the knife forum is a very tight kit club. The good thing is that many people are very close and they help each others out even in real life, like starting business. However, it can be tough for newcomers. If a newcomer comes in say the wrong thing to an old timer, everyone else will jump on the new comer, regardless the point of view.

So, when I said “all that and a bag of kale chips” it was meant to convey my agreement with Robin’s post content and I bastardized the expression “all that and a bag of chips” as in “He’s all that and a bag of chips” or something extra tossed in.

It may’ve been inane, but it wasn’t actually nonsense. :slight_smile:


I see. As you can tell, I wasn’t familiar with the phrase, so I thought we were all suppose to say something related to food (and nonsensical) to support the idea of:

“May not be the answer you needed, but you werent ignored.”

Oh well, so much for that. :slight_smile:


Not food related, but definitely nonsensical …


Why do I like it here? I’m not absolutely sure I do.
I appreciate the food and recipes discussions, and like the growing food and foraging discussion, but the regional boards pretty much ignore my area (for good reason).
I like to drop in and see who is posting about what, but I do wish the language used might be a little more appropriate. We are all intelligent, educated people and having to resort to the “f word” or “s–t” seems beneath us.

You must be reading different threads than I am. Then again, a little color doesn’t bother me.

So just to be clear, you don’t like chips CK? Or you don’t like Kale? or you don’t like StoneSoup?

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Plenty of intelligent, educated people swear. It’s nothing to which they “have to resort”.

We’re grownups here.

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I like it here because of all of you…

And for Martini Monday’s which I heard they are going to be rolling out with the first update.


Actually, that’s why I like it too. I’d still love to get more of the CH posters I know here, but slowly think it will happen.

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This was my initial response to this thread, but for obvious reasons I re-thought posting it. Now I can’t resist. lol

Look I’m forced to be friggin sober, don’t you DARE try to make me act like a grown up or I’m f’ing out of here.

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The beer and the HOs, duh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2