Why are we not talking in NY/CT

I admit, I’m totally jealous of the New Jersey board. They are so active. Where is everyone? Is it that there is nothing of interest in NY/CT?

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Hi Gwenn!
Well, I’m just speaking for myself, but in the summer I definitely spend less time scouting out restaurants. Also, I had a food extravaganza trip to Switzerland and France in July that not only put a dent in my wallet but also made me a bit weary of eating out. Maybe I’ll be back to my usual ways come fall.

Also, I’m sort of bored with Westchester restaurants at the moment. Value is sorely lacking. We are headed to MP taverna for happy hour later.

Thanks for answering. It is getting kind of boring here, but I posted about a great meal at Bailey’s and a great pizza at Stanziatos and barely got a response. Maybe it is the summer thing, but have you seen the Jersey board? They rock!

I wouldn’t worry about it, Gwenn. It is surely part seasonal thing. It will pick up steam again…

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I’d love to discuss restaurants and eateries on Long Island with any discerning individuals that are familiar with hidden gems

You are more than welcome, Gastronomos. Start the discussion…

I haven’t eaten out there in years. I used to live in Queens. Sorry!

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I think part of the problem is Westchester has an abundance of mediocre but mostly over-priced and not terribly exciting restaurants. Loads of interchangeable Italian. gazillion “up-scale” (double the price) pizza palaces. Very little that is noteworthy (I almost feel sorry for the food writers in Westchester mag). As mentioned- hot summer doesn’t help

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It’s true. Nothing really to write home about! Though, as I mentioned I had a great meal at Baileys’ and Stanziato’s. But otherwise it’s the same old places.

What rich said.

You summed up the Westchester scene perfectly, rich.

Even Shake Shack is a perfect example of how Westchester fares when it comes to restaurants. I happen to like them and am very glad they finally opened. But they basically “ignored” or at least were in no great rush to get into this market (which should suit them ideally ,at least on paper).Somehow their is a perception (and it does seem to be true) that Westchester can’t support a sort of restaurant/food infrastructure that is needed for restaurants to thrive. Forgetting restaurants. bbq - some ,like big w,but really none available, bread -kneaded bread and again some further in the HV. Farmer’s markets- sort of a chain operation,same vendors in each town and basically not any savings by cutting out the middle man(mostly pay a premium for supposedly superior product). And on and on and on

I have rarely seen a thread that is more out of sync with reality…just imagine someone opening this discussion and being scared off. Come on now, I believe we can do better…
Rich, please get over the idea that Shake Shack exists just for you. They are doing quite well where they are. And stop knocking our restaurant community. There are a lot of great food and dining options from hot dogs to fine dining all over West/Fair, yuppies or no yuppies. From what I can tell, just a lack of experienced diners posting about them at this time. And Gwenn, if a guy wants to start posting about Long Island, what’s wrong with that? It is part of NY/CT…must be the heat!

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GR - I’m really not sure where your reaction is coming from. I don’t think Rich said Shake Shack exists for him. I didn’t read that. And I never said people should not post about LI. Where did you get that from. This is what I said:

That was in reply to Gastronomous talking about LI - I was merely saying I could not contribute much.

I started this thread out of concern that our board was not active and I don’t want to lose people. Who is scared off? And speaking for myself I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in this country and I’m a trained chef. So please, don’t call those who are participating and may not have the same taste in restaurants that you do inexperience diners.

Dear GR: when did you become a moderator?

And stop knocking our restaurant community.

Sorry, sweetie, last I looked this was still America.

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I did not mean to be personal. We need to do better. Be more enlightening. I am talking about all segments of the food & dining scene up here as mentioned above. There is indeed a lack of experienced diners on this board at the moment and we are trying to correct that. Blanket knocking of the restaurant community in our area is not helpful and has no basis in fact either. More coherent posting would certainly help.
You have something good to say or bad to say about a specific place go right ahead and do so…Again, let us try to do better.

You kind of got personal. As you said yourself, there is no need. This is a place for discussion about food and everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to disagree - respectfully.

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Amen, Gwenn.

I always am amused at those who offend and then retract, rather than not offend at all.

Heck,all I was saying (lifelong resident) was that I just don’t find enough interesting places in this area ,maybe it is a case of the grass is always greener (elsewhere).I’d be glad to hear of more places and certainly from more posters. As far as “experienced diners” Vs. inexperienced diners(?),perhaps different categories are needed- one step down,experienced eater Vs. inexperienced eater- hmmm that might not work .

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No… I think you got it right the first time
Westchester has a too high percentage of mediocre to embarrassingly bad restaurants
The high cost of food, exorbitantly high rents and rapidly changing demographics make
it really difficult to remain viable these days.
When possible, businesses are renegotiating leases, some are moving many are closing their
Most likely Danny Myer waited for exactly the right
set of circumstances to present themselves when he decided to open in Westchester.

NY/CT could possibly include Long Island at the very least, especially the East End this time of year? The board is kind of boring for us outsiders. I admit I skip over it most of the time, even though I am a native “New Yorker”

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