Who's got the best turkey deal this thanksgiving? [NJ]

Any HOs look around for good turkey deals this thanksgiving? Wondering where I should get my cheap thanksgiving turkey this year.

Well, Shop Rite every year does a thing in the late summer/early fall where if you spend $400 in groceries by a certain date (they track it on your Price Plus Card), you get a free 6 to 9 pound turkey. For my family, which was always small and recently got smaller, that’s the perfect size for us. Still plenty of leftovers. I can’t remember the last time we actually paid for a turkey. The $400 is so easy to spend with the price of groceries but I realize for most families the turkey would be way too small.

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Yeah unfortunately the ShopRite deal is a no go for me, I barely spend 100$ a month on groceries!

So far the best deals I’ve found is Wegmans at 49c and Stop n Shop at 39c + 25$ purchase.

Any special rub, brine, stuffing this year?

I wonder how the popeyes cajun turkey is? My guess is pretty good. They make some tasty chicken. I’ve been seeing commercials for this.

I’m not a fan of the Popeyes turkey. Got one a few years ago and didn’t care for it and I love Popeyes Chicken.


I win Thanksgiving!

Full disclosure - I don’t really win Thanksgiving. While this may be the best tasting bird out there, at about $90 each they are no deal.

Have you had it? I mean it’s just a turkey right?

@corvette_johnny Nothing special, I think the things that make turkey delicious is the support players (stuffing, gravy, cranberry), so the turkey is just fine with salt n pepper for me. Maybe a little sage but I think that’s better in the gravy and stuffin.

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Have you ever tried bells?

They also make a brine I want to try.

Are you talking about Bell’s seasoning? I use it year-round on chicken and turkey…

Yes, good stuff. I like it in stuffing too.

Yup! Great blend

Aldi has the lowest price unless you earn a free one :wink:
I was there yesterday and they had plenty to choose from along with hams, salmon, roaster chickens and duck soon.

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Any good turduckens around central nj? Actually, do any restaurants serve turducken?

I want to do one with quail instead of chicken. It’s been on my list of things to do for a few years lol

Just out of curiousity, what didn’t you like about it?

So it was marketed as a fried turkey, skin was not crispy at all. I bought it to use to make my gumbo, friend turkey carcass in my opinion makes the best stock and the stock wasn’t good.

I would rather take the time to fry my own than waste my money on one from Popeyes

We usually do our turkey in a slow-cooker GASP! I know. However, there is a reason.

When I was a child, my family always went out for Thanksgiving. Poet’s Inn in Matawan had a beautiful Thanksgiving buffet and we were regulars there during the year. My mom is a wonderful cook but for some reason, Thanksgiving was always left to a restaurant. She did Christmas dinner (usually a stuffed roast pork) so I never understood why. Then when I was about 13 or 14, she decided she would cook a “real” Thanksgiving dinner. We were all excited. Now, our oven which was relatively new had moments where it would not hold the heat. It needed to be re-calibrated…which we discovered…ON THAT THANKSGIVING. So, its 4 PM, turkey has been roasting for hours, sides are done and hot, dad pulls out the turkey and begins carving…only to discover that while the outside had browned nicely, the inside was perfectly raw and inedible. Back in it went. Several hours, five or six dried out sides, and three mom conniptions later, we had Thanksgiving dinner. From that moment on, into the slow-cooker it went.

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Do you know how much Aldi has it for?

Yesterday turkey was marked btwn .19-.55 a lb. depending on brand. I believe I noticed three brands. Inventory can chg but their weekly circular has been advertising holiday birds for three weeks already.

We buy a Bell & Evans turkey, brine it, and cook it on the Weber grill.

Bought a 20 lb. Butterball turkey at WM today. 84 cents a pound. It was the biggest one they had and I told my husband let’s get it over and done with before the rush starts. I have everything else to make Thanksgiving dinner . I’ll send him out later to buy a pumpkin pie as usual but if unavailable I have stuff to make one here. I just don’t want do that anymore when you can buy one just as good already made.:blush:

Edit: just noticed this was the NJ board. Sorry for butting in😊

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