Who is up for indian table restaurant week dinner featuring Malvani region?

I can’t bring myself to write “HoDown”, wasn’t that a thing for a while? anyhow, here’s a link to the menu, looks interesting, $45, available 7/24-8/20:



That menu looks great but we are not back to NYC until October.

I am not back, but you should definitely go!

(Malvani is my local - and favorite - coastal cuisine, so I will contribute my 2c on the menu whether or not you want it :rofl:)

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I’d be down (HoeDown?)…Best times for me are usually Wednesdays or weekends. Can’t August 5 or 20. Probably the weekend of August 12 also iffy for me.

Definitely want @Saregama’s input here! Feels like four forevers you’ve been away! Guessing you feel that way too: life!

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Ohhhhhh August!

If we pick a date towards the end, I can likely join.


Of course we’re in. If we want to try an early visit, then a late Aug one, we’re also in.

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definitely, subject to travel plans which are still not settled.

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hope so!!!


@ninkat posted her availability, what are some good candidate dates where you can both attend?

The last few days would be highest likelihood for me — @ninkat can’t do 8/20, but how about 18, or 19? For everyone else too of course .

sounds good, let’s target aug 20th. @small_h ?

ninkat CANT do the 20th.

18th or 19th are good for us.

18th or 19th good for me! I can double check the 20th and get back to you…nothing set in stone, but it’s a birthday…

18th, 19th, 20th all fine so far.

We can do 18th or 20th (understand latter doesnt work but have a prior engagement for the 19th (theater premiere, one perf only!) so what about the friday night (18th?)

ok let’s go for the aug 18th! forgot to petition @DaveCook

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In so far! Planning a vacation, but we’ll probably be back by then.

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If there’s room for one more, I’m in. Just me.


The 18th is a Saturday and Indian Table’s restaurant week listing seems to say Saturdays are excluded.