Who Has Silga Teknica?

So appropos of the recent subthread on covers, I dug out the cover that Randalhank sent me years ago. It’s heavy, all SS. hell for stout, and seems to fit many pans of many sizes.

I went back and looked at it, and it’s marked “Silga Design, Milano”. A visit to the website indicates that this lid is 1.5mm of 18/10 SS. The page for the Teknica line indicates these disk-base pans have 7mm aluminum cores.

Does anyone here have any Teknica, and how do you think they compare to other high-grade disk pans. e.g., Fissler. Cristel, Paderno GG, etc.?

I have two piece. I feel like they are really well made overall, but I don’t have a lot of comparisons as I have some unicorn shapes in my collection. One is like a 36 or 38cm rondeau or low casserole, which is great when doing pre-braise browning on a large scale. The thick base is super even for this purpose, when you need a lot of surface area but also need to hold a bit of liquid.