Who has a Korean Domed Grill?

Following on the heels of my thread on Cooking about thinly sliced beef, I’m looking at these domed “Korean BBQ” plates:


Anyone here have or has used one? My guess is that it probably only works well on gas or over charcoal.

I bought one a couple o months ago out of curiosity-but I haven’t used it. I doubt if it will work in my stove. It was cheap -and not cast iron, just domed. A local supermarket sells thin-sliced marinated beef for “korean barbecue.”

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Probably aluminum is not worse.

Well, my stove is induction. These things are like a pie plate with an inverted bowl in the middle. I’ll have to find where I stashed it. I just used a frying pan before. Not authentic, but I needed to feed myself. :joy:

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My mom has one. I don’t remember how she used it but I’m going to visit my parents this weekend and I will ask her about it if I remember. I’ll see if she still has it. I remember it being quite burnished. We grew up with an electric stove and no grill, except for a tiny hibachi setup. She was a miracle worker when I was a kid…the things that came out of her kitchen.