Whitehall, Houston recs

I see.

Well the sign seems to represent expensive items, and I took that picture because our waiter didn’t mention them. In fact, he said it was the same as what was on the menu we were handed, but that was not true. Now I have to wonder.

This looks like the menu, and the prices seem different.


I was refering to Potente here, your husband thought they made a mistake on the bill there.

As to Irma’s they never used to have prices anywhere, even on the menu. Glad to see they have them posted now. Not sure about the discrepancies.

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It looks like shrinkrap was at Irma’s SW Grill, I’ve never been there so I don’t know about prices on the menu. I did go to Irma’s once and never went back, turn-offs no prices and I didn’t like the food.

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Yea, the one downtown by the ball park I think. I haven’t been to the original in many many years.

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Irma’s was by the ballpark. Sounds like there is more than one? Last Night Fogoa Brazilian Chasqueria. Nothing motivational enough to photograph or post. Now I’m at District 7 Grill, hoping for a to-go lunch of a muffalletta…and a redfish tostada. :yum:.

I have to say, Houston has been very welcoming!

Pink and Green overpass!

Redfish? Check! (Do I need to be concerned about it really being redfish?)

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An update about the conference. http://www.fox26houston.com/news/aka-convention-leaving-houston-30-million-richer

It actually wraps up tomorrow early afternoon.

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Awesome! Thanks for the shot in the arm for Houston! Haha!

We went to our favorite Sunday place on, well, Sunday! It was about 4 p.m. and there were a bunch of ladies in pink suits on the front patio taking pictures and talking, guess that was your group! What fun. That was Ciro’s by the way, Not the best Italian in Houston, but a locals favorite since it’s been in our neighborhood over 30 years. It is now in its third building, this time just adjacent to and a step away from the new Hotel ZaZa on I-10, so I imagine the ladies were staying there.


"Thanks for the shot in the arm for Houston! "

Husband and I certainly did OUR part! Thanks for having us, and for responding to this thread!

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I forgot to report on that specialty grocery store downtown near the Four Seasons. Begins with a P.


Took a lot more pictures. Not sure what happened. I’m thinking it’s like our (SF) Ferry Building, so probably lots of pictures already.

BTW I have since been informed (by my 28 year old daughter) it was my 28th anniversary. I don’t remember it that way. We have been together for more than 30 years.


Phoenicia is a Houston treasure, the original large store is way out west. I haven’t made it to the downtown location, it looks nice.

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Thanks for all your reports and pictures. I’m glad you had some tolerable weather to accompany your visit. I live way out on the SW side and almost never am willing to put up with the hassles of downtown traffic and parking to try the places down there so I appreciate the reports. The place I’m most interested in is Osso and Kristalla. I’ll have to try that gumbo!

Thanks for the insight into your convention, too. I was wondering if you’d had time to attend any sessions - you’ve been so busy eating and posting here :smile:.

Have a safe trip home and y’all come back.