"white" eggplant parm

am thinking of making this for an upcoming party. have made plenty of white lasagnas in my day, but don’t want to do pasta.

i don’t want red sauce because not everybody will be able to sit at one time and service will be buffet style.


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I like the idea of a white EP but am confused what a buffet has to do with not wanting sauce. Afraid it wil get soggy? Try keeping the sauce on the side for those who want it. Maybe a second choice of pesto as well for another sauce.

I tink eggplant is “meaty” enough to go “white” and a bechamel could work, ala moussaka. Just please if you fry your eggplant befoe incorporating dont bread it. Dredge or batter instead.

jfood: there won’t be enough seating, so some people will have to eat standing up. marinara can be drippy and it’s a “holiday” party. pesto is a summer sauce to me, so , nope.

jtp: am wrestling with the frying. may roast instead to make it lighter.

may also incorporate some tomato confit for color and acid… still thinking…

What about an eggplant “roll up” kind of thing? You could roast/fry the eggplant slices and then do a thin layer of thick bechamel and whatever else. (Roasted garlic, spinach or arugala…)As long as they are a small size I’m thinking that could work for a party

I’m probably the type who would drip sauce on myself, but white would be only marginally 'better ’ than red if I did. Oily stains are oily stains. Make whichever you feel will take better.

If they were rolled and cut into bite size pieces and secured with a toothpick that would work too to keep it clean for those standing but may seem more like an app. Never easy to eat dinner standing up holding a plate in one hand

“taste” better. Thumb too big.

i thought about rolls too. :slight_smile: party will be about 30 people though so that feels fiddly for my assembling. however, the dish will stay nicer looking as people serve themselves.

still thinking!

Oooorrrrr maybe bake/make “regular” white eggplant plant in mini loaf tins for “individual” servings…? Assembly line style they would be less fiddly than so many rolls (30 is a lot of people!) and woukd feel more dinner entree than heavy app kind of food
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i won’t serve anything in pans like that, lol, and no way to fit all that in the oven or on the table anyway with everything else that will be going on. this will be a side or a veg option for those not eating pork belly porchetta. :slight_smile:

my friend last night was really lobbying for it with red sauce, so i may wind up going there anyway!