Which is the safest online food delivery app?

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Well, it’s a slightly strange first post, but welcome to the forum.

I pretty much always use Deliveroo. I don’t think I’ve ever considered whether it’s safe, as such. It has a goodly number of local restaurants and takeaways signed up, has a secure payment system, its own delivery guys for most suppliers and has online tracking. I occasionally use Just Eat, which has mainly takeaways signed up, including some not available through Deliveroo. Each supplier has its own delivery arrangment whihc means there’s no online tracking.

What do you mean by “safe?”

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As in, the food won’t kill you? Or the delivery guy won’t kill you? So many dangers!


I’ve had a few close calls. Just sayin’ … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know how it is in your part of the world but here, I’m able to check official food hygiene ratings. In fact, both delivery companies not the rating for each producer. A couple of years back, there was something of a campaign to persuade the delivery companies to delist producers with poor ratings. Not sure how it went - maybe it worked as I’ve not come across any poor ratings recently.

As am I, just trying to suss out what the OP meant.

Me thinks just another failed shill for who knows what.


Almost definitely. But let’s see!