Which is better for you, raw or cooked?

I failed miserably! Gift link, from me to you:


8/10. I can live with that. And feel super-duper smart RN :smiley:

5/10. :joy:

Neither one of us is gonna pass that nutritionist exam.

Have you heard of nutritionists become very good chefs?!

I have not, but hey, it could happen.

I haven’t too. Just heard of chefs mocking them.

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Eh, it’s not a chef’s business to care whether you’re getting your RDA. I would not trust (most) chefs to design a healthy eating plan for me.

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4/10. And a couple of those were more lucky guess than anything else.

Basically, I worked on the basis as to how I prefer to eat them.

I see we’ll be starving to death together. That’s what I got.

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Me, too. 4/10. How the hell you eating raw kale? Uff!

I eat raw kale all the time. You make a dressing of parm, lemon, garlic, cayenne and anchovies, massage the kale with it, and voila - awesome salad.

I resent any vegetable or salad that requires me to give them a full-blown spa treatment.

I will, however, enjoy the successful results of others, more patient and loving cooks.

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For me, squishing the hell out of kale is therapeutic, not unlike kneading dough or finely chopping herbs.

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I prefer kickboxing.

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8/10, and the two I missed are two of my least favorite vegetables (beets and celery), so unless they pop up as a category on Jeopardy I don’t really need to know!

I have one inorganic hip, so my kickboxing days are behind me. Not that they were ever in front of me.

Uff. Just can’t do it. So many other leafies I prefer.

No need to eat everything. But if you haven’t even tried it, why get all “uff” about it?

TBH mine are probably behind me, too, although I found it to be a fab workout. Punching and kicking the shit out of that bag is also incredibly therapeutic :wink: