Which cookware is best Stainless Steel frypan or Non-Stick frypan?

Holey moley!

Oh, I’ll keep you busy!

That is an amazing offer, but strange as it sounds, I would prefer to pay. Good tinners are hard to find, and I want to be sure they do well.

I can tell you Hammersmith successfully flattened and retinned a sagged 4-gallon saucepan for me years ago. It was an iffy project, because the bottom was riveted on, and what kind of brazing was also used determined whether the pan would be fixed or ruined. Jeff and Hammersmith did a fantastic job.

Calphalon One! I still own “a bit” of that line. Though not in my regular batterie, it’s still some of the best performing cookware I have ever used, and it’s a good compromise between dangerous coated cookware and stainless. Also, they made a huge variety of useful pieces, that “paella pan” (or 14” sautéuse) being one of them. and I found that the larger sizes would warp a bit under high heat. In retrospect I realize that is totally expected of aluminum cookware and I was probably slightly misusing them.