Whetstone Recommendations?

Want to give one as a gift. Am a bit confused after an hour or so of browsing recommendations online. I have a pretty restaurant-grade oil-bath stone (large Norton 3 Stone IM313), but it’s pricey and oil is kind of messy. I also have that electric Chef’sChoice Trizor XV, which works quite well, but I understand it eats more metal.

The person I’m gifting is very hands-on, and would probably prefer a water-lubricated whetstone, but I’ve never used one. I gather there are different materials, and some diamond-based ones. Maybe I’m over-thinking, but I wonder if anyone has more chops (so to speak) here?

Chef Panko has a great video explaining the alternatives:



When you dig deep down to it, there are various water whetstone as well. Different materials and soak vs non-soak. For start, you cannot go wrong with a 1000-1200 grit stone under Bester or King’s.

Japanese 800-1200 grit is probably the most useful grit. If you have to get one stone, then the 1000-1200 (Japanese) grit is the the stone to get. If you want something more refine, then up that to a 2000-3000 grit range. If you think you need to fix more major chips and dents, then 200-500 grits. Again, the 800-1200 grit is the most useful range.

Diamond stones are very aggressive and very flat, which is excellent for repair damages and to flatten other stones. However, if I have one stone to get, I won’t get a diamond stone. The finish edge from a diamond stone (regardless of the grit) just not as refine.