Where to get discontinued Fissler serving pan

I’m trying to find a Fissler Original Profi 12.6" serving pan with lid, or maybe called a roasting pan. I understand they are discontinued, but would really like to acquire one. I’ve scoured the internet but have been able to find very little information on them, and nothing for sale. I’m interested in this particular piece because of the size, the lack of dimpled “novogrill” cooking surface, and heat evenness of the Fissler pans (already own several).

If this piece ends up being just flat out unobtainable, does anyone have any recommendations on something similar. Looking for something with shorter handles, thick bottom for evenness, and decent size to be used as a skillet/paella pan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes that’s exactly it. I’ve actually tried purchasing through that site but it doesn’t seem to be working and there are more than one red flags about it.


It’s a shame they seem to have discontinued the 32cm serving pan. And at least not yet started making it after they renewed the OP line.

Paderno makes eg model no 11115-32

Here at amazon.de for example: https://amzn.eu/d/9L2Z3Ed

If you want thick indeed, the Paderno might be your best shot. It has massive heat retention and very solid evenness. I should mention the aluminum doesn’t extend as far to the edges in the bottom, like in the Fissler you mentioned though. It does sure work on induction however and the pans are very robust.

Then, Cristel from France is making Casteline with a disc base attached to a fully clad vessel. This has removable handles, you can attach a not so great looking long handle, or better looking short stainless handles (look for them on their site). The base is not as thick as in Fissler, but this would be more even on the floor than any clad pan without a disc base on the market.:

As a side note, as I was browsing Cristel’s site, I noticed they have apparently released something new at some point. Back in time I think Castel Pro pieces used to be just thin ply, and they still are for the most part, but it seems they have ditched the Casteline Fixe(d) frypan and introduced it in Castel Pro. So likewise this (new?) Castel Pro fixed frying pan comes with a disc in addition to a cladded vessel.:

I’ll actually take the Castel Pro into consideration myself now, since I am missing a 32cm stainless skillet. Until now, I have been down to either a Proline or Falk Coer in 32cm, in the absence of Lagostina Accademia 32cm. The Castel Pro would be more even than Falk and Proline on the floor and still have some sidewall heat. It would probably not take as long to heat up as Fissler and Lagostina would, since this should be a bit thinner based. As I have a better cooktop now, I feel I dont really need the very thickest of bottoms any more, and would like to have a bit more responsive pan than eg the big Fisslers. The Castel Pro perhaps doesn’t look quite as high quality vs Demeyere and Falk though.


I think finding NOS (new, old stock) of this piece is largely a false hope.

I would set a recurring eBay search, scour the discounters, and wait. And prepare yourself to accept a used pan.



Did you ever find the pan?

If not, isn’t it this one?

That’s not it no, that’s a newer one with the novogrill dimpling

I see now… didn’t notice the difference before you mentioned it. :blush: