Where to buy a good usuba knife?


It’s time for an usuba. I’m probably going to buy online, but I don’t know who is trustworthy. Chefsknivestogo? Japanesechefknife? Yoshihiro cutlery?

A saya is important. I can spend as much as $350, though I am happy to spend less.

(Robert Sacilotto) #2

korin.com seems to have a lot of them. I can’t vouch for them, though.


All the places mentioned above are trustworthy sources.

A couple more options:


(For the Horde!) #4

Chefknivestogo has a good selection of knives. Japanesechefknife is excellent when it comes to Japanese knives. I agree with Bogman that Korin is great especially you live in NY City. If we are talking about a good usuba, then I think you are likely going to get a slightly better support from Japanesechefknife or Korin. I would also recommend you consider Watanabe knife. He makes very good knives and he can work with you to semi-custom your knife for dimensions, weight, handle…etc (you cannot ask for everything under the sun, but he can go back and forth with your suggetions). His style is slightly more rustic comparing to Masamoto and Mizuno, but great nonetheless.

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