When the cook gets in the way of the cooking show.....

Don’t know why it bothers me so much, but what’s with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. When he appears on ‘The Kitchen’ on the Food Network, he is always wearing a starched suit and tie while cooking or prepping a dish. Just the other day he splattered ingredients all over his clothing. Why don’t they wear aprons or something?

You could say the same for Giada - only her blouses tend to be low cut exposing skin. That to me makes no sense at all. It a cooking show, after all… :slight_smile:

I always thought he’s a restaurateur, but not a professional cook/chef.

He’s actually a very talented chef, but probably more businessman these days.

I agree that it seems strange to wear a suit and no apron in the kitchen but maybe he’s one of those chefs who can keep clean 99% of the time. If Geoffrey is comfortable in a suit and Giada is comfortable in a low cut blouse, fine with me.

Of course I’m not famous or on TV (nor do I particularly want to be), but I definitely go for comfort in the kitchen. I want to keep cool and not feel restricted by a double-breasted, buttoned-up to choking chef coat. I don’t even like crew neck shirts, much prefer v or scoop so nothing is against my throat. I do always wear an apron over my casual street clothes, though. I also don’t like to wear white, so my usual cooking attire is jeans and a black v-neck t shirt, burgundy apron. I do have both black and white chef coats for when they are absolutely required.

And as for the danger factor, I have yet to get any splatter burns on my cleavage. My arms do have decorations from oven racks, caramel, etc (even when I do wear a chef coat or other long sleeves, I roll up my sleeves). But what hits the cleavage are bits of cake batter or buttercream from the KitchenAid on high speed or maybe a smear of chocolate while molding. Could be worse :flushed:


Haha. I could envision my own cooking show- yoga pants, unsexy sweatshirt of sorts with the odd grease stain. marks on my pants from where I have wiped my hands. Oh and my sweatshirt would have water marks from getting splashed. Hair always pulled back in a pony tail so no hair in the food.



That older lady with the “Farm House” show who is now a judge on that baking contest with Duff Goldman

Nancy something…

Her show is cringeworthy

Are you my long-lost twin? :wink: I am ALL about the yoga pants and messy ponytail!


Sweat pants, old tee shirt ( can’t do long sleeves and cook, cause I’m a klutz). There would be a ponytail if I had long hair, but it’s very short! Smile for the camera!!

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i would like to wear a frilly apron and high heels on my show. And pull beautiful food out of my oven that was prepared by my personal chef, but I would pretend I made it.


Where is Nigella when we need her…


No it’s not. It’s food porn

Another thing that annoys me, and one of the reasons I can’t watch Food Network anymore: All those celebrity women flipping their hair around the food. Shudder.


I wasn’t wild about Padma, but I just read her autobiography and I like her a lot more now.


This reminds me of my first foray into the kitchen not long after hip replacement surgery. I found the perfect round steak to chicken fry and was pounding it out when there was a knock on the door. It was my downstairs neighbor who knew I had surgery and she was afraid I’d fallen and was knocking for help.

I was barefoot, in shorts, and shirtless with flour on me. She was glad I was ok and declined my offer for her to have some.

It was some mighty fine chicken fried steak but I had to sit down about every ten minutes because my leg got sore.


We should all have neighbors so considerate.


It’s like I wrote this comment! I didn’t think a voice could irritate me as badly as Pati’s until I caught Ms. New Zealand’s show… It’s worse than someone scraping their teeth on their fork!

I can’t stand Pati, the kiwi woman isn’t so bad…but Pati and her accent sends me over the edge…and what about Jaqcues Pepin daughter I dont know why the hell she is in the show shes always asking him do you want me to do this, do you want me to do that? for christ sake just stay home

Nooooo…Pati is way worse!!! LOL

And she just came on as I type this haha

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