When the cook gets in the way of the cooking show.....

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It’s like I wrote this comment! I didn’t think a voice could irritate me as badly as Pati’s until I caught Ms. New Zealand’s show… It’s worse than someone scraping their teeth on their fork!

(Aisha ) #58

I can’t stand Pati, the kiwi woman isn’t so bad…but Pati and her accent sends me over the edge…and what about Jaqcues Pepin daughter I dont know why the hell she is in the show shes always asking him do you want me to do this, do you want me to do that? for christ sake just stay home

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Nooooo…Pati is way worse!!! LOL

(Aisha ) #60

And she just came on as I type this haha

(Gwenn) #61

Who is Pati?

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Welcome Aisha!! When you have a chance, please tell us something about yourself here:

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Pati Jinich. Her PBS show is Pati’s Mexican Table.

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She is extremely annoying, its like she accentuates her accent to be more annoying with each word

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Like Giada???!!!


Erica, thank you so much for starting this thread (so long ago and still going strong!)! You’ve made my day - and all of you responding - because I don’t feel so alone in my incredulous disdain of some of these very odd cooks on TV these days! I found the lovely Hungry Onion via a google search for Mike Colameco’s weird Barney Rubble posture, and read the whole thread, and all I can say is: agreed on all counts!

I’ll add to the pot: CreateTV’s Lebanese cutsie little girl - thank God for the MUTE button! Jeez!

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Not exactly a cooking show, but David Chang, wtf??? I watched all of Ugly Delicious because I’m not right, but really, wtf was that about?

I love David Chang’s food, I love Momofuku, I just don’t get the guy.

And whenever I see Giada on Best Thing I Ever Ate (I watch it to put me to sleep), I’m screaming, “PHONY!” in my head. I can’t help myself. Like please, she really eats the stuff she’s shoveling into her mouth?


It’s about he’s filthy rich. And does not care what people think. I wouldn’t go out of my way for his food. But I like the show. Pizza and barbeque were my faves. The fried chicken one was good also.

(Kathy S. ) #71

Wasn’t the pizza one where he extols the virtues of Domino pizza? :rofl:
I have to be careful here, I know he has devoted fans, but yeah, that definitely made me do a “wtf?”
The amazing thing is he got Mark Iacono to do the show and travel to Italy with Meehan (who I think is an excellent writer). Then you realize, OMG, this guy talking about Dominoes pizza is the 2-star Michelin chef who created Momofuku Ko.

And wtf, he brings David Choe to China with him? I’m once removed from David Choe, I’ve never personally met him, but I know people who know him well. I was once invited to hang out with him and… Asa Akira. :rofl: I politely declined. I’d love to hang with homeboy David Choe someday (Dave, hit me up when you’re in Vegas!) but what does he have in common with René Redzepi?

It’s kinda hilarious if you think of the cast of characters he collected. It’s kinda like reading a foodie forum, you have no idea who will show up!

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Can’t stand her with her phony Italian over-pronunciation. Nope, she probably spits that out right after the camera moves off of her!

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No one has mentioned Guy Fieri. He, all by himself, is why I no longer watch Food Network at all.


I have found chocolate in some of the strangest places after coming home from work. It’s weird, really.

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I’m sorry I missed this earlier. Joanne Weir is definitely nails-on-chalkboard material.

The Chew makes me want to stab my eyes out. There are excellent chefs on the show, but then they have a “celebrity” come on and try to cook and it’s painful. It’s kinda like reading Food52’s cookbook reviews. Whyyyy???


Now she’s on to this show where she takes a class to Europe. Just as bad but yet different.
Not a good thing.

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