When Pigs Fly, Formaggio Kitchen [Camberville, MA]

Yesterday I hit the When Pigs Fly company store in Davis Square and picked up a sourdough and a NY rye loaf, both so much fresher than I have ever had when buying the bread at Wilson Farms or Market Basket. I also picked up a loaf of Sicilian green olive and hot cherry pepper bread – that might become my new bread obsession. The nice woman helping me said it pairs well with something rich: avocado, cheese, prosciutto. So far cheese and prosciutto have both been winners, can’t wait to try it with avocado.

Then I hit Formaggio Kitchen in its new location at the former site of Fresh Pond Market. What a beautiful store! And although two employees told me it has the same square footage as the old place it’s hard to credit as there is no sense of rubbing butts with other customers as you make your way down the aisle. My new discovery on this visit was Cochran Farm Oriskany cheese: a creamy, goaty piece of deliciousness. Also the usual suspects including some goodies from the sidewalk BBQ. I am very happy to enjoy the new and improved FK experience but I can’t help feeling for the folks who relied on having a true grocery store in the area.


Thanks for sharing this. What are the cherry peppers liked when baked in the bread?

I have succumbed to the charms of fresh cherry peppers late in this summer season. I have been cutting them in half, seeding them, and roasting them with olive oil. The peppers become mellow and more sweet than they they are hot.


The cherry peppers are diced fairly small, as are the olives, and well dispersed within the bread. Pretty spicy but not overpowering.


this is really kind of hard to fathom. it’s so much less cramped than the old spot was!

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The Boston Globe reports the new space is twice the size:

Formaggio Kitchen opened a new flagship location Monday, moving from its original shop at 244 Huron Ave. to a space down the street at 358 Huron Ave.

Formaggio’s new outpost, which took over the former Fresh Pond Market in Huron Village, is twice the size of its original location,


That sure makes more sense! I wonder why the employees are saying otherwise?

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Yes, I like those breads too, and, yes, they are much better straight from the store.

On the FK square footage question, maybe the employees were not including the wine area in their assessment. Still, the main area alone seems a lot bigger than the old store, and every single component seems bigger – the cash register counter, the produce racks, etc.

I am one of the folks who misses have the old market there. Life was much better with both it and FK around, with the added excitement of some quality butt rubbing at FK with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Stephen Breyer.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold