When Good Recipes Go Bad

I recently wanted to make Chef Paul Prudhomme’s chicken curry recipe, but I couldn’t find my tattered copy of his “Louisiana Kitchen”. Fortunately, his heirs have a website with–purportedly–the same recipe. See, https://www.chefpaul.com/site.php?pageID=300&view=381 This prep is one of my favorite cold weather chicken dishes, so I was drooling into the pot as it cooked…

It wasn’t an epic fail, but it just wasn’t at all like I remembered it. What was different? I still couldn’t find “LC” to compare, so I ordered another copy ($1.98 on Amazon with free shipping–how do they do that?).

Turns out that the original calls or at least EIGHTEEN tablespoons of butter or chicken fat and up to 4T MORE is optional. The new one calls for 4T TOTAL.

I know of Chef Paul’s weight and health issues, so I understand if someone wanted to lighten up this prep. Still, it is a completely different result with scant butter.

Are other Onions running into similar changed preps from the originals?


Must remember next time I want to make a gumbo, I must look for a recipe in one of my asian cookbooks.


Many times I have run in to what I call. Recipe Sabotage .

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Fat is flavor!

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Therefore I am extremely tasty…


:laughing: not sure, need to be cooked to tell

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Does getting baked qualify?


I notice this with Internet recipes all the time. Everybody wants to “add my spin” or “tweak” recipes, rarely to the betterment of the dish. It becomes nigh impossible to find a simple chicken casserole or meatloaf recipe. Everyone adds an “Asian spin” or tosses in mint or whatever the trendy condiment of the day is (siracha, anyone?)

Sriracha’s tasty. I don’t want it in my oatmeal though.

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Rare is the blogger who tells us exactly how the recipe was modified, and why.

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I am happy that people start to pick up Sriracha, but some people use it a little too often.

I’m currently in love with gochujang and I found my favorite brand of sambal oleek ever.

Well, you ate half of that thing, didn’t you? :smiley:


The ATK/Cooks Illustrated people, over the years, have come up with many “best” versions of several foods. Their caramel rolls recipe has many variations in print.