When did this become a thing?

Purple cauliflower? I’ve also seen orange recently too? What’s up with this?

At least five years ago, in California.


I’ve seen it at Union Square for years. But yesterday I saw some flowering cauliflower in Chinatown that was unfamiliar to me. Looked like this:


^^ Here it’s called sprouting cauliflower. There’s also sprouting broccoli but it’s been around for a long time now.

Purple (and yellow) cauliflower is mostly for cuteness. I get it sometimes when on sale otherwise no. Costs a bit more than normal cauliflower but tastes the same.

I like a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts.

Started noticing these a year or so ago in our SF Chinatown. At first glance, they looked like old overgrown cauliflower.

We’ve purchased them a few times. The stalks are similar to broccoli stalks. A slight sweetness with a cauliflower flavor and a good crunch. Starting to see in more and more stores.

I was going to get some - the old ladies were all over it, which I took to be a good sign. But I had too much stuff already. $.88 for a pint of oyster mushrooms! Woot.


Just more popular now than it used to be, tastes the exact same it’s just pretty like rainbow carrots are. When you roast it the color dulls and isn’t nearly as remarkable. Best for a crudite platter or sautéed. And usually a few bucks more expensive than the usual.
I’m distracted by the big gorgeous fennel bulb on the side of the photo! Hope you bought some of that


Would that be what is called Broccolini here in USA?

Photo courtesy of Google.


But no fronds! My favorite part of fennel.

Purple, orange/gold, and green: Mardi Gras colors?

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These old ladies will body check you if you start reaching for a piece they’ve been eyeing. These same old ladies are happy to share their expertise. AFTER they’ve already picked over the entire bin and gleaned the pick of the litter. I miss you, grandma. :frowning:

This today in SF Ctown.


I check my potager gardening book, it says colours include: cream, yellow cheddar, acid green and violet. The orange one is a natural mutation from the white one, it is more sweet and scented, 25 times more rich in carotene than the white one.


I saw a bunch of the orange stuff showing up in farmers markets last summer, I can’t remember if there was purple too - cauliflower has been gentrified - it is the new “brussel sprouts” on all the menus these days. It even found it’s way onto my “sh*t on a shingle” for brunch Saturday - so no wonder it is now available in “fashion colors”


I found very little discernible difference in taste … what I would recommend, is if you see the small heads, like the size of your fist … jump on them!!!

Wait…what do you mean no discernible difference in taste? The purple ones taste like grape don’t they???


For April Fool’s Day dinner 3-4 years ago, I made my kids a “wacky” dinner. I made purple cauliflower mash casserole (with a drop of blue and red food coloring to ensure it stayed purple after baking), rainbow baby carrots with yellow ranch dressing (a drop of yellow food coloring), and pesto marinated chicken topped with more pesto to make green chicken. They sat down to eat and didn’t know what to make of their food! :slight_smile:


Next time don’t forget to also use purple Peruvian potatoes, which stay purple after cooking.

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My kids are older now (14 and 12) but every once in a while. I like to throw them a curve ball food wise. :wink: We like purple potatoes – I add them to a non-mayo potato salad I make sometimes for a twist.