Wheat Dextrin

So, the ingredient list in Ever Crisp (a product you use to keep things crispy even when holding hot) is Wheat Dextrin. The ingredient list in Benefiber is…Wheat Dextrin. Dumb question - are these products interchangeable? Just curious.

I’d call it a one-way interchangeability (or maybe 1-way substitutability). If you had dextrin on hand in bulk, for example, and wanted to use it like benefiber, I’d think you could figure out a 1:1 correspondence vis-à-vis the insoluble fiber content and have a home-made version (add sugar or maybe add to OJ or lemonade to make it tolerable).

But given all the other stuff in Benefiber (including it appears when looking it up, 4 (four!?) separate artificial sweeteners), I don’t think the substitution would be as good going in the opposite direction, trying to use Benefiber in baking.

Thanks by the way - I’d never heard of Ever Crisp and, while I’ve seen wheat dextrin as an ingredient, never thought about what it does/why it’s used.

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Thanks! I’ll check the back of my box of the Benefiber. I don’t think I saw any sweeteners, just the Wheat Dextrin. But, to be fair, it was 5am and I had not yet had my coffee! I saw the Ever Crisp in a Nashville Hot Chicken type recipe video from Bon Appetit/Epicurious this weekend. I figured I might try adding the Benefiber to some flour for frying some stuff, but I’ll look into that ingredient label a little more closely first.

I also found this article about Ever Crisp:

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I just grabbed the first Benefiber ingredients list I saw on google - now I wonder if there are several different versions, maybe some more basic than what I saw.

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My benefiber is just wheat dextrin, so you may be on to something! I’m very interested in you experimenting with this — but maybe with something inexpensive to start? :joy: