What's Your Ultimate Smoothee Recipe?

I just got my first Vitamix, and I’m itching to get it working out.

What’s your favorite smootie when HP isn’t an issue?


Blueberry with banana, a small amount of juice . Apple, orange … Greek yogurt , a bit of milk to thin and honey .

Thanks! Rough proportions? Ice?

Note that a vitamix can acramble heat stuff if you let it blend a while, so using a few frozen ingredients is a good idea for a cold smoothie- I don’t like adding ice because it melts and the smoothie gets watery.

A great more sweet one i like is approx a cup frozen mango, about 1/2c plain greek yogurt, a huge handful of fresh spinach (or kale since the vita will obliterate it, just rmv stems), and a splash of orange juice

Oooh! You can use nuts! I always has to soak cashews first, but use about 1/4 c or so raw cashews, approx a cup and a half frozen berries, or whatever fruit, some fresh basil or mint is nice, and a big splash of almond milk or whatever milk you have

Not into the ice anymore . Changes the texture for me and would rather have the temp to be cool rather than cold . Proportions are just what you like , I hardly ever measure anything in cooking or mixing .

1 scoop whey protein powder, one frozen banana (I keep a bag of frozen chunks in the freezer), 1/2 cup mixed frozen berries, 1 Tbs almond butter, and a splash of water. Sometimes I add a handful of spinach and a dash of cinnamon.

Use frozen fruit instead of ice…icy cold without watery mess…and most fruit blends to a gorgeous creamy consistency.


frozen strawberry, mango, spinach, and pineapple, with a little OJ. I eat my protein on the side (nuts)

I freeze fruit in season, so always have it handy.

Agreed. BTW, I broke in my Vitamix with an actual Vitamix recipe for whole fruit margaritas. I’m sure you can find the exact recipe on line, but basically you peel and seed a lemon, an orange and a lime and toss them in with a handful of ice, tequila, Cointreu and sweetener. Best margaritas ever.


Almond milk, whey protein powder (chocolate), peanut butter, banana, berries (frozen or fresh), coffee ice cubes. Almost every morning.

I always keep frozen fruit in the freezer because I don’t like adding ice either. All the fruit mentioned below is frozen.

Raspberries, blackberries and/or blueberries, plain or vanilla greek yogurt, honey, milk
Banana, cocoa powder, almond butter, milk
Pineapple, coconut water

At Rose Bakery, I had a smoothie with apple, lime and ginger, exceptional.

I like this one too from their book (Don’t think you need a Vitamix):
Lime, grapefruit and ginger smoothie
3 spoonful (table) of sugar, 2 spoonful (table) of freshly grated ginger, juice of 2 lime and juice of 2 grapefruit. Heat up 1 cup of water with sugar and ginger for 5 minutes. Stop the heat, let it infuse and cool it down. Add the other fruit juice.

Lazy one, but I like it.
Chocolate banana smoothie
Add Dark Chocolate ice cream, 1 banana and milk, mix everything

Ooooh, this will happen this weekend. Thanks!

One of my fav things in the vm is what I call velvet corn. Fresh corn off the cob pureed til very smooth. So good, way better than polenta. We love it with grilled salmon. Sometimes, I also mix niblets into the velvet for a change. In the winter frozen packs of this stuff in my tamale pie crust recipe really up the corniness.