What's your signature party snack that everyone expects you to bring?

Is it a dip or spread, balls of some sort, a stuffed something or other, or just a bag of Takis and bottle of Cuervo?




I don’t know if it’s expected, but I tend to bring hummus or tabouleh. I gave a little tabouleh to a cabdriver once, en route to a bridal shower, and he proposed to me.


When I am about to propose, can I come see you?

I will hook you up with some tabouleh, no problem. But it might only work on cabdrivers.


Meh, vegetables are overrated.

How about I trade you 100 homemade dumplings for a scoop of your hummus?

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I bring all kinds of things so I don’t think anything is expected. I can say that American-style pigs in a blanket always go fastest, followed by deviled eggs.

It’s not a snack, but the only thing I’ve taken lots of and brought back an empty pot every time is beans. I was once very embarrassed when a vegetarian asked me (after eating a large serving) what was in the beans, and I had to tell him. :flushed:

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My hummus recipe is the Dizengoff one. I just got good at it.

And I will happily trade you a scoop - hell, a quart! - for some dumplings, if they are seafood or vegetarian dumplings. 'Cause that’s what I eat.


My mackerel dumplings will make you rethink what fish dumplings can, and should, be.

It would be for poker night . I ask the host what should I bring . She’s a fabulous cook
Usually great bread. And always wine .

Unusual! Possible for a recipe? :grin:

Recent years, people always ask me to bring desserts. I guess it’s also because I’ve attended mainly birthday parties.

Go on.

I’ve only had fish dumplings a few times, at Pinch. I like them a lot.

PARTY?? I barely remember what that is!

Always mix it up, so typically don’t bring the same thing, unless asked. When taking something, it depends on the crowd, and type of party too.

Am frequently asked to bring garlic bread to potlucks and BBQ’s, however.

Some things that consistently vanish over the years, listed below:

Asian glazed chicken wings
Palmiers- puff pastry, hot & sweet mustard, prosciutto, and Parmesan
Spanakopita triangles ( actually anything wrapped in pastry)
Mini empanadas - Piccadillo, cheese and green chile fillings - puff or pate brisee
Greek style meatballs
Pork souvlaki skewers
Pigs in a blanket with carmelized onions & bbq sauce
Pumpkin and chickpea dip ( I dare’snt call it hummus)

Other stuff too, since it gives me a chance to experiment.
Am in agreement with @Auspicious about pigs in blankets and deviled eggs disappearing totally, and fast. When strategizing what you want to nibble, it’s wise choosing those first.

Have also noticed people seem to go for the proteins, and substantial bites. Think it’s typical for a lot of people to eat fairly light before a party.


Hmm, not really.

I don’t cook with recipes, just by feel and touch (which is how my mom taught me to do it).

But I can give you general parameters.

For the dumpling skin, you will want a ratio of about 3:1 flour to water. Mix the flour and water in a bowl, by gradually adding the water to the flour, and knead until you get a nice ball. Cover with a wet cloth and let it rest for at least 3 hours (the longer the resting period, the softer and more supple the dough will be)

Once the dough is ready, roll the ball out into a long rope (either one long one or several smaller loops). Then cut the rope into small workable sections (i.e., 6 inches). Roll each small section out a bit more, then pinch off about 1/2 inch diameter ball, and then with rolling pin make small flat disks.

Repeat for additional balls, and ropes.

Chinese chives
Sesame oil
white pepper
Shaoxing wine
soy sauce
minced giner
minced scallions

Chop the mackerel, and set aside.
Mix the all the other ingredients in a separate bowl, adjusting the soy sauce and salt to taste.
Then combine the mackerel to the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Using a tea spoon, scoop a small dollop of the mackerel in the center of each dumpling skin disk made earlier, then fold and pleat. Repeat until all ingredients are used.

Fill a large pot halfway and bring to a boil. Gently place each raw dumpling into the boiling water, making sure not to crowd them (as they will cause breakage). Bring the water to a boil, uncovered, then add a cup of cold water, and let it come to a boil again, uncovered. Repeat two more times. Stirring occasionally to avoid dumplings sticking to one another.

The dumplings will be done when they float to the top.

Remove dumplings with a strainer and serve with your choice of dipping sauce, if any.


Thanks so much!! Just one question on fold and pleat, which style is it? From which region?





You do sound (from all I’ve seen you write) as if you might occasionally have been the subject of a “What dish will he bring this time” betting pool. :slight_smile:

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This one.


Thx!! Will try to make this after Christmas! I eat a lot of pork, or pork + shrimp dumplings, less with fish.