What's your Home kitchen knife batterie?


My last house before this was almost 4000 sq. ft. with a very substantial island kitchen–and the architect who designed it won an award!

At that time, I had no role in the cooking–except to eat on the island or in the dining room–when I was there. I was traveling most of the time. This is the first time I tried to do a home cooking project.

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I never sit when cooking; unless I’m waiting for something to finish up in the oven. I would feel so weird cutting anything in a seated position. Everybody’s different.

Hi Greg,

I’m the same as you. I don’t know anyone who cooks sitting down.

Do you cut seated? Or that’s just your mise area? Wasn’t it Paul Prudhomme had a show where he was seated most of the time?

Now wait a minute Ray - I thought you told us you do your octopus cooking sitting down?!


I work standing up. I have a folding chair that I sit in from time to time just to enjoy the ambiance of the kitchen and look outside. I posted a thread on it called “joy in the kitchen”

Hi damiano,

Nope. See my thread:

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What about your self-quote has anything to do with standing?

And why did you deploy the oxymoron of a “sittable chair” in your kitchen if you don’t sit in it?


Hi Kaleo,

Went through this already. The only one who ever claimed I cook sitting down is you-and even though I’ve asserted that I cook standing up–you persist in providing misinformation about me. Why about me? Why not about your home batterie for comparison?

The octopus concept of design I used to develop my kitchen could most easily be explained with my foldable chair as a focal point. I explained the circumstances of using that folding chair in the kitchen in my Joy thread comments and explained it here as well.

Why do you keep bringing this false claim up?

I think Paul Prudhomme had serious mobility issues. Pictures of him towards the end of his life show him on a scooter. I suspect he couldn’t stand/walk much.

I thought he lost all that weight. Hmm, must have been someone else. Known as the inventor of blackened redfish. I love that technique.

Evidently it wasn’t just at the end of his life. And yes, I thought he had lost some of that weight.

“At 54, Prudhomme has a weight problem and usually works from his electric wheelchair.”


Too bad. Cool dude. He got me to pursue etouffee. One of my, now, favorite dishes.

My dad, in his last years, requested me to find or make shrimp étouffee and bring it to him. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it anywhere so into the kitchen I went. Don’t recall whose recipe I used. I haven’t seen it on a menu in years.

Ray. In all fairness, Kaleo wasn’t the only one confused.

And that is just three other people I quickly found. I will be honest. Earlier, I also thought you were seating down and cooking. As I have mentioned before, when a statement is made, and a bunch of people interpreted differently than you have intended, then maybe the problem is not everyone else. Maybe the problem is the original statement. Take a step back. I know you have gotten disappointed or upset or something at people wrongly interpreted your intended statement, but again, maybe the problem lies with these statements being confusing.

Not taking Kaleo side at all, but you got to have noticed this trend.


Hi Chem,

Kaleo’s not confused. He made the accusation, and everyone–now you–repeats it.

Can we agree that I cook standing–and wrote in several posts under what circumstances I might sit on my folding chair?

Thank you.

Ok. Maybe he is not. I have no idea what is in his head. He has to explain it to you.

That I have to disagree. Kaleo statement about you seating down came AFTER other people. So I don’t think everyone was repeating him. Scroll back up…

Absolutely. Now, I know you cook standing up, and you are using your chair as a reference point (or something like that) to make sure your tool is near you.


Geez, Chem,

This type of personalized banter is not why I post on Hungry Onion

I’m out.

Where my brother lives in Houston, TX, they have a good place for it. I adore the stuff. Shimp o mudbug.

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Ditto in Austin, but the closer you get to the Sabine, the better it gets.