What's your Favorite Cheese Plate (or similar)


I love cheese plates, so when this ad came up (link below) I wondered if smoked salmon would be good as some sort of plate similar to a cheese plate.

Any advice or related suggestions would be great! Thanks

Hi @m2244, and welcome!

Absolutely love to put salmon on platters with cheeses and other snacks. Love wild Pacific salmon, cold smoked is my favorite, but I’ll take it any way I can get it. Typically, when I put it on an assorted tray I just have one kind, so will put out a variety of cheeses, crackers, or baguette slices. Maybe something pickly, a little charcuterie, olives, and maybe a few nuts. Lemon slices and capers too. Sometimes the salmon shows up in a dip on those kind of trays.

If I was making a mainly salmon platter, I’d probably pick 3 different kinds, put some mini bagels out, crackers, and perhaps some cocktail rye slices. Thinly sliced red onion (after the current recall), capers, and plenty of lemon slices. I’d add some raw veggies to the tray to cut the richness of the salmon, a few assorted cheeses, perhaps shell on pistachios or Marcona almonds. Nothing too salty on the nuts. A savory mixture of spiced nuts might be nice too. Oh, and definitely cream cheese as one of the cheese choices. Hope this helps, and we love to see pictures if you assemble such a platter.


Pickled asparagus, radish butter, grilled onions would be some of my add on ideas. I like split and toasted bialys over bagels. Farmers cheese over cream cheese.


Good ideas @Rooster! Are you able to find biyalis in your area or do you make your own? I don’t find them near to me, but that could have changed, since I haven’t been out.

I’m very excited because we’re getting an EXCELLENT new market in town. Looks like the makeover of the property is going to take awhile though, so maybe sometime next year.

I buy them locally and also through two NYC bakery shops that deliver to NJ.
Good for you on new markets coming your way! During the last few months my wife has uncovered a number of home delivery options we didn’t know about before and the convenience is hard to beat so we can focus on other aspects of meal prep.

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Butter, sourdough bread and comte cheese turned into grilled cheese bites also spruce up a cheese plate vs a bunch of raw cheese selections with crackers.

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We have a wonderful cheese/gourmet shop nearby. They don’t do delivery but they do contactless curbside pickup. Frankly the curbside is a treat as it gets us out of the house even if we don’t get out of the car. We’re set for cheese, groceries, warehouse, and hardware all curbside.



Isn’t this the truth!! We look for “adventures” that are both safe and productive.


Yep, I agree. We receive the deliveries early morning, pack up the car and drive when my gal is off. I can plop anywhere and be happy. Lately we have used these bentgo boxes to pack up nibbles.

Mr. Huntington:

We’ve found that smoked salmon suits Jameson later in the day – good tomato, sweet onion, capers . . . oops, now you need a bagel and cream cheese if it’s early . . . but and having digressed a long way, speaking of Republican whiskey and back to cheese, we’re fond of Cashel Blue (and most blues) with a dram of Irish for the slight salt/sweet balance.


My niece and NIL named their first child together, Jameson - lol. After the whiskey, of course…@BoneAppetite :smiley_cat: