Whats Your Beef bigger changes


I actually don’t eat any type of potpies…not my thing.

OK so I went here expecting to have this place flipped upside down and that wasn’t the case. I thought it was going to be all froufrou and it was far from that. In fact, it was kind of reminiscent of the old days. Obviously things have changed and I wish the old wyb was around. The clientele seemed unchanged but I was there early and got a happy hour drink and the 3 course special for 21.00

Corn chowder =very good, nice hearty size bowl and served very hot. I can’t stand warm soup. Good starter.

Bread= pretty decent. I am not a bread expert but I would classify this as a classic “no frills” baguette. Great herb infused butter accomopanied it but came out rock hard…a pet peeve of mine. Why can’t restaurants get this right? Hell my office can even get this right on bagel day lol.

Cheese and crackers= not the old port wine cheese trough we loved but they are keeping the tradition alive. I liked the fact that they paid homage to a classic spot.

Hanger Steak= nice cut and temp but the taste was just off. I am almost sure this was grass-fed beef but it was hard to tell over the mushroom sauce. I didn’t really connect with it. It tasted kind of earthy/funky. I ate it all but would not order again. I was pretty hungry. The Brussel sprouts were small (not a bad thing,) diced, bland and very dry. This side needs help! ANYTHING would have jazzed these up…butter, evoo, garlic, bacon crumbles, panchetta, etc. I didn’t even finish them. The potato pave was enjoyable and a dense, hearty side. Everything came out nice and hot…except the butter lol.

Dessert= carrot cake. This was a decent size slice and I took it home. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Bartender was very good.

Onto the decor…they didn’t do that much imo. One thing they did to change up the look a little was to add white linens. These linens actually work pretty well for me. The dining room is till on the darker side but the white table tops seem to add a better balance for the look they are going for. Don’t get me wrong; I miss the dingy old wyb but to me they didn’t totally trash this place like I anticipated. They took some old tchotchkes off the walls and painted the support post/beam in the middle of the bar ad far as I can tell. A new picture or two is up but they are subdued and it took me a little time to notice the large new pictures.

Overall I spent 25.xx with one pint of beer (excluding tip)

I will try it again but won’t be rushing back tomorrow. For 21 bucks I would like to try another dish or two. Fyi, the 3 course runs until 6. Happy hour drinks run until 7.

In summation, I miss the old wyb. I’m glad to see they kept a historic building intact and only made some slight decor changes with no major structural renovations. Who knows, maybe this place will one day revert back to its saltier, dingier days :slight_smile:

Ps…not sure if dingier is a word. let’s ask @joonjoon lol


And fwiw, most may know this, but the salad bar is gone and you no longer choose your steaks.


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Sorry about that just fell off my chair…


No sir! No pot pies for me ever again…had a bad experience once with a chicken pot pie. Hopefully we hear some other reports soon.

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I don’t think you can just say something like “I had a bad experience with a chicken pot pie” without explanation.

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Well you are pleasantly surprising me, I was under the impression they did turn the place upside down. Is it still a “steakhouse” menu? Do they still have the open kitchen where you order?

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I get visions of American pie in my head…don’t think that’s the case here though…guessing food poisining maybe…


No…definitely not a steakhouse so it might not be your cup of tea. I will give it another try sooner or later. For 21 bucks it was not bad. If I spent like 40 I would have been dissapointed.


Yes my ex and I both…severe stuff.

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Has anyone been lately?



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I have been reading the thread on Russell and Bette’s
I am sincerely wondering why you have such a strong opinion about me?
When we bought What’s Your Beef we truly wanted to preserve its memory. Some things were working for the existing staff, customers and finances and some things needed change.
It has never been our intention to cause so much negativity. We really love the people who stayed on with us - both staff and customers. I would love to buy you a drink and pick your brain on some of the animosity on the thread.
I am very sincere on that
Reach out any time on Facebook and we can meet for a drink


Since this thread has been bumped up and I’m re-reading some of the comments AND I just said this to a (different) chef/restaurant owner when discussing 100 Steps and A Toute Heure in Cranford being sold (BREATH), I’ll say it here, too: in my mind, when a restaurant is SOLD, it’s not the same restaurant in my mind. Even when new owners try to keep everything the same, it’s going to be different.

Not always a bad thing, just reality, imo. /offsoapbox


First of all, let me tell you that we have ultimate respect for your business acumen, and the “brand” that you have created through tenacity, dedication, and an obvious passion for our beloved Jersey Shore. Here’s the thing though…the food is average. Not bad, just average. The locations are way above average, the bars are fun, and there are not too many days better spent than at Langosta Lounge wondering how much lacquer it took to keep those mussel shells in suspended animation. Overcoming the average food requires those things, and one more key component…an owner that thanks the Lord for every soul that walks through your door. We’ve spent thousands of dollars at your establishments over the years, and have seen you countless times, yet your demeanor has conveyed a sense of our being a nuisance…a hassle, a taken for granted quantity. Which is a luxury you can afford, given the geography you occupy. But, that neglect will manifest itself, and fortunately for you, it seems to limited to this board. Not that you need my advice, but everyone who walks in your door should be treated like the most important person you’ve ever met, not just the shoulder you look over while waiting for the next CEO.

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I am truly sorry that you feel that way when you come in
It is not my intention
I’ll be quite honest
I do value everyone who comes thru the door and I can also say that I have a terrible memory for names but I try to remember all the faces I meet
Please call me out when you see me because if that’s how I make you feel I deserve to be called out
As far as the food
I am trying my hardest to get the numerous amount of staff both front and back to care as much as I do about our product
I do have a few employees who I know put their heart and soul into it
But I have many who don’t give a damn about anything but the paycheck
The ones who do care including my self try so hard but it seems like sometimes an upstream battle.
I would love to meet and chat in person
I will buy you some food so we can look at it from your eyes
I know this is hard to convey and I get your point from your perspective looking in
But my intentions are always pure and good and I want the best for my customers and the staff who are loyal to me and my family
Please help me by meeting with me face to face
Not sure i


@Oshingurl I sent you a direct message via this site as I’m not on Facebook…if you haven’t yet seen it, there should be a green circle on the upper right corner of the page with a number 1 in it that you can click on (near your name/photo).


We will probably be in Asbury Park every other weekend this summer, and no trip to the boardwalk would be complete without a solid hour or two at a Langosta, et al. When I see you, I will say hello from Coldbeer, which is a, btw, Springsteen line about “cold beer at a reasonable price”. Some may remember that. Anyhoo…the food isn’t so much the issue. Yours is not a chef driven vehicle, which is what the snobs on this board seek out. Well, that, and nostalgia. (RIP WYB). Look at the accolades given to the Grand Tavern, a mere 5 miles from you, it is a chef driven enterprise, and there are maybe 12 different items from apps to dessert to chose from. You probably have 50. So it’s not a fair comparison, as far as that goes. We’re not there for the food, per se. It doesn’t suck, but it just seems like there is a constant air of crisis management that drags the comfort level down. We will always be patrons, out of respect for your part in bringing our city of ruins into a top destination, but the folks on this board, and apologies for speaking for anyone other than Equal Mark (heh) are not your target audience. These folks seize up when they see a Sysco truck. So, if I say hi from Coldbeer, and you punch me, my name is Curlz.



(and since the site won’t let me post just that) I have to agree with much of what @coldbeer70 wrote.

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Look forward to introducing my true chef self!