Whats Your Beef bigger changes

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@CurlzNJ Over the years, we’ve been to WYB maybe three or four times, so I’m certainly not in the “fan” category. Therefore, the fact that it no longer exists doesn’t much matter to me. But for those who care, I think the mistake she made was giving the distinct impression that she was going to keep the concept and just freshen up the place when it’s now evident that she planned to scrap it. The name change indicates that we should consider this a new restaurant.

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I’m a little late in responding but as others have said, she gave the perception when she purchased she as keeping it as What’s Your Beef and just updating/cosmetic changes. As the matter of fact shortly after her purchase of the restaurant I made a comment on facebook to a friend who dined /checked in there. My friend responded it was pretty much the same however someone from What’s Your Beef also responded more or less assuring me they were going the “keep the concept” as is. So I had literally received the information “from the horses mouth” per say.

So to answer your question yes I feel if you are going to buy a place and completely change it, be up front. Don’t tease people with keeping things the same only to pull the rug out from under them.


Ah…THAT makes sense; I guess since it’s MS I didn’t pay 100% attention (or never read anything where they indicated they were keeping it the same)!

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So it’s a new puppy instead of the same old dog with a poodle cut.

But if it lifts its leg and barks, it’s still a Labrador…

Woof woof !




I hope so!


WHAT’S a rumor?

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CJ is actually Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore and @MZ is Snooki’s baby daddy.

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Didn’t you see last week’s Maury? It’s rumor no more…


I asked the Barnacle Bill’s hostess about the rumor. She smiled and said it goes around every few years…that they’re not going anywhere. She could have been fibbing, but I didn’t get that vibe.


I hope she is right.

Aren’t the employees the last ones to find out?

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Well, the menu for the new “RUSSELL and Bettes” doesn’t LOOK bad…

I still will not be the first one to try them as I hate MS’s food as a rule.

Website is still the same old what’s your beef site but with mostly updated content.


Well I like the burger on paper but I can’t stand the kobe beef term. Lets face it, it isn’t real Japanese beef being served here and just about everywhere.

The NY strip sounds good but I have a favorite strip here for the same price and I would bet my money on my “go to.” Im keeping an open mind but I’m skeptical.

I had the opportunity to eat some a5 wagyu last night and I’m kind of regretting not getting a few ounces instead of my tomahawk. I guess life is good when that’s your problem in life lol :slight_smile:


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See by their own words they admit the “changed their mind” on keeping the concept the same;

We understand that many of our guests wanted us to keep it the same. We did the best we could and then decided it was time for a fresh start. Now we will have a more diverse menu. What will remain is that wonderful friendly dining and drinking experience served by many of the staff you remember

We hope you will come and enjoy yourself, of course in a different way

Ok, I call bullshit on the “then we decided” crap. I’m sure this was the game plan all along, they just wanted some time to cozy up to the regulars first, then change in hopes of not losing their base. The charm of the place was the antique feel of it, you could have fixed/cleaned it up, but kept the basics. Walking up to the kitchen placing your own order, the salad and bread bar all equally contributed to the “charm” of the place. How much do you want to bet the cheese and crackers are gone from the bar??? F’ this…LOL I am a one man protest against it all.

If they had been honest fine, but don’t tell me your not changing something just to pull the rug out from under me!! I want back my slightly above average steak in a crappy atmosphere and limited service and I want it NOW.

Change sucks…:smiling_imp:


I wonder what kind of “eco fish” will be on the menu? :confused:

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U r 2 funny my friend.

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Yeah, right.

This sounds like a federal desegregation order.

Emphasis on drinking. They couldn’t get rid of the old servers without a law suit, since they bought it as a going concern to keep the license.

Not bloody likely.

Again, if it barks like a Labrador and shares a chef, it’s probably another Schlossbach dog.

Woof, Woof, I say !

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This should be called the RUSSELL & Bettes thread.


I just got back. I’ll write more later but I was pleasantly surprised at how they did the place up. It is very much the same with some simple improvements. It still retains that old school vibe but it’s obviously not wyb. A local and I sat there trying to pick out things that changed and only came up with a few. I’m happy they didn’t ruin an awesome bar and old wood work. Onto food later

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It’s ok, we already know you ordered the lobster pot pie…

But was it any good?