Whats Your Beef bigger changes

Not sure how these greater changes are going to be received…more than a few regulars won’t be happy…

I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, enjoyed a meal at a Marilyn Schlossbach establishment. That article doesn’t lead me to believe I ever will.

I’m guessing the cheese will be gone :frowning:

Shame love that cheese

Already not happy.

First they killed the Fromagerie, now What’s Your Beef …

I know I’m getting old, but they keep killing off my childhood.

I’m new to this story- never made it there, but understood it had a somewhat sizable and fierce following. Looks like new owner promised to keep mostly as is then switched gears…Also- seems like her places aren’t such great eats…hyped trendy but fall short…is that the consensus??

“One thing I liked about What’s Your Beef is that they had a loyal local clientele,” she said. “You could be sitting next to a CEO, a nurse, a schoolteacher, and everyone looks like they belong. That’s what I hope we can preserve.”

Not going to happen. I hate to say this but I don’t wish them well with this venture. I really hate when new owners take an existing thriving concept and try to reinvent it. Why not just find another location in town and execute your vision, don’t ruin a staple of the area.

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I’m at Fromagerie as I type this, full review later and separate thread. Preview; don’t rush over!

We need a pic you in the “required” jacket big guy!
; )

And yes, I agree wyb will be be ruined most likely. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Hell barnacles has had the same old nautical stuff on the wall for decades, the same menu, and the same exterior forever. The place is railed every night.

if Barnacles get changed i’m pulling a Michael Douglass in Falling Down…just an FYI…

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Great movie! I hear barnacles has been sold, or will be soon. It isn’t looking good, but we will see.

let me go find my glasses and bazooka…boots around here somewhere…

Great reference!!

Why do I have a feeling they are going to make this place upscale/hip and put out mediocre food at inflated prices?

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I wonder if it’s being financed with the difference between what she paid for Adriatica before she flipped it to Kim Marie’s. Certainly wasn’t financed with Dauphin Grill proceeds. My God that CEO /Nurse thing was some condescending shite.

Let me get this straight…the cool thing about wyb was that it wasn’t cool. Now she wants to make it “hip?” You have nauvoo, fromagerie, undici, and saltcreek for that crowd. Why battle them? Wyb was old school, unpretentious, and really quite a unique restaurant with it’s dated interior. Is a "farm to table"concept going to keep them afloat with younger people? My guess is probably not.

I would always admire the old school wood work at the bar and think about how many salty locals drank there back in the day… before rumson was an “elite” town.


Totally agree but you see it all over…why were there 4 cupcake stores in RB? I have a good idea lets open an Italian restaurant there, nobody thought of that idea before…seems to me restaurateurs aren’t the brightest of the bunch…that’s why so many fall by the wayside so quickly IMO.

How many of her restaurants have opened and shut in the past 5 years? QED

I too miss the old Rumson. I’m only here 20 years but my wife’s family goes back to the late 1800s and many of them graced that bar (and the old Murphy’s before that became hip!!!)

I’m not being snarky…knowing what I know of you, I’m really curious to hear more on this topic. The place was obviously (from what I’ve read) in need of more than just a facelift, and they put it up for sale, right? So if that’s the case, do you think it’s better for new owners to skip the idea that they might keep things somewhat the same? I would like to think that a transition period is normal, so if a new owner (and trust me, I have no horse in the race, nor am I wowed by what I see MS does here in AP) wants to keep the clientele coming so they can show they have the chops to keep a customer while they make it their own, what’s the harm? At least now if they change completely, the new owner is doing it with the knowledge that they’ve tried to keep former owner’s customers…but if they don’t, they don’t.
Or do you think it’s better to just start with a fully clean slate and hope customers will try a new place?

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I have enjoyed going to WYB for at least 25 years. In recent times while the quality was not as good the “old days” when Peter ran it, I always enjoyed my meal and the experience.

Based on the description of the new restaurant and my experiences at other MS restaurants I don’t plan on trying this one.

We note that the chef was formerly with the Labrador Lounge.

So the best way to sum this up is another dog by Schlossbach.