What's up with first names suddenly being visible?

In the past few days I’ve noted that some users now have a first name visible next to their screen names. Was this a purposeful change? What does everyone think about it?

Haven’t noticed yet. I’ll look for it.

I’d noticed that, too. I think it’s ok - you can, but don’t have to add a name (real or not).

Asked and answered here - Tip #6- Making new users feel welcome

Basically, if you’ve added a name into your profile, it now appears.

Ah, yes. I figured I wasn’t the first to notice but hadn’t scrolled down in that thread to see your comment. I’m ambivalent on it, and have been entertained to see how many of my gender assumptions are presumably incorrect. With a name like John, there is no real implication to using your real name. (It’s a lovely name- just bear with me…) I also like an atmosphere of friendliness and openess, but as someone with a really unique first name, if I put my actual first name you could literally google me and find me. For me, that’s too much openess! As long as it’s optional I remain ambivalent but maybe the spot in settings where you can choose to enter a name can say “will be displayed on your posts” to make it clear.

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Yes I turned it on again. It was on around September and October. At that time it was displaying whatever name people chose to provide optionally during sign up. I accidentally turned it off for a couple of months and only recently noticed.

If you provided your name optionally during signup, but don’t want that displayed any more, please go to your profile -> preference -> remove your name.

Thank you.

I’m happy to have my full name on display. Anyone wishing to Google for a little while would probably be able to be knocking on my front door in about an hour. Which is what someone threatened to do after I had pissed them off on another (non food) board. I called the cops - who turned up next day. Since then, I engage brain before mouth, regardless of whether someone needs telling they are a fucking racist or not.



Well I guess I’m screwed.

Oh wait…