Tip #6- Making new users feel welcome

It can take a while for a new user to start posting. But we can collectively create a warmer/ more welcoming environment:

  • Welcome them!
  • Thank them when they post for the first few times so they will be encouraged to post more and the observing, lurking newbies will feel less intimidated to start posting.
  • Ask them follow up questions if you feel they can offer additional information that can add to the conversation and make them feel their contributions are valued.

Unless I’ve missed it before , there seems to be a new forum feature which puts our real names, as well as our usernames, against our posts. Obviously only applies if you’ve included a real name in your profile. I view that as a positive step that helps to create the warmer atmosphere that we are “real people” - but then I’m somebody who had always posted to some boards under my real name and, otherwise, have included it in “signatures” on boards which have such.

The names (optionally entered by the way at registration) were shown for a while at the beginning of the life of the forum. Then I accidentally disabled it. I have been wondering where it has gone and yesterday turned it back on.

As a new user, I am not shy about posting. But I really did appreciate my first “fork and spoon” “like” from an old friend from Chowhound. What a warm welcome!


I have established what I call the HH policy when it comes to approaching newbies. The first “H” is for HUG, a warm welcoming verbal salutation. Followed by an encouraging word or two trying to encourage them to look around, make themselves at home and lastly telling them I look forward to their future contributions.

The second “H” of my HH policy stands for “Hump”, it’s similar to my HUG welcome, however it involves the newbies leg and could require the need for a wet nap upon conclusion. I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I get excited around newbies.


Oh gods, another culinary leg humper. Glad I’m not a newbie

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Oh don’t worry I don’t discriminate.

Not sure if they should “make themselves at home”. They will likely make a real mess then.

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Don’t be a hater CK.

Last time I said that to someone, they stayed for six months. I had to throw them out in the end in some acrimony. We havnt spoked since.

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Next time invite me over and I’ll hump them away for you. (*additional charges and travel expenses may apply)