What's up with all the plastic squeeze bottles and other pet peeves

So, as I was trying to squeeze the Heinz ketchup from the plastic squeeze bottle onto my burger and the pink water started coming out before the ketchup, I was reminded of an old Heinz commercial. It showed someone putting an “inferior” brand of ketchup on their burger and the water coming out before the ketchup, with the tag line “Is this what you want on your burger?” NO, Heinz, I don’t. I wish they would bring back the real bottles. Why does everything need to be squeezed? Anyone else done with squeeze ketchup, mayo, mustard - whatever? Any other pet packaging peeves? BTW - I do realize if you shake the bottle just the right way you get ketchup, but who can remember that?

Try Sir Kensington ketchup; you won’t be disappointed. It’s in glass, it doesn’t drip and it’s delicious. The mayo is really good, too.

I don’t buy any plastic squeeze bottles or anything I cannot have a glass option for, for the most part. It’s a big peeve, and I especially hate squeeze bottles for some reason.

Is Sir Kensington available in NY? Today I saw pickle relish in a squeeze bottle - really ridiculous!

Several years ago my husband and I went to a local steakhouse on the recommendation of his co-worker. The (?) butter was in a squeeze bottle! When we saw that we should have left immediately and saved ourselves the effort of sawing through a tough, over-cooked steak and a baked potato that had seen better days (several days ago).
I hate squeeze bottles! The only ones I use are for dribbling raspberry sauce around a fruit salad, or putting oil on the silks of corn in the garden (prevents those nasty little corn worms).

I like the squeeze bottles. It help me to release my stress. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze…etc

Yes, pretty much everywhere I shop on Long Island. Fairway has the full line of mayo, mustards and ketchup, including their balsamic ketchup.

Now I have to sit on my hands for a minute. :wink:

Ketchup is crazy easy to make and stores for months in the fridge in a jar.

I know, but I do love my Heinz!!

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I see in my area they have it a Stop and Shop and Whole Paycheck

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I guess they have their place and I get the rationale for ketchup in a squeeze bottle, but I wish they’d offer glass too.

When you come over here and make me some, I promise to refrigerate it. :wink: (I know you’re right).

My fave is the Tomato Jam recipe from Food In Jars. When I make it for gifts (a wildly popular gift!) I make it by the recipe and can it. When I make it for us I cut the sugar WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY back and keep it in the fridge. Love. It. and I never liked ketchup before I started making my own.


Sir Kensington ketchup is a revelation. It tastes like real tomatoes! But in my local burger joint, it does come in a squeeze bottle.

I get your point I am a hopeless romantic but nostalgia aside it was no small feat getting ketchup outta the old school bottles - and sometimes it was an all or nothing affair. I don’t love all the plastic but I am more concerned with how what is inside the bottles has changed in tandem.

For containers I would prefer a jar.

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I found that hitting the bottle right on the “57” worked every time!!

Wow,tomatoes!! I really need to try that.

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The only thing I find totally in squeeze bottles is ketchup. Mayo, mustard are in glass or plastic screw top. The only thing I use ketchup for is making “cocktail sauce.”

Well, if the plastic squeeze bottle was the kind that stands on its cap, you wouldn’t get the pink water, because it would be the furthest from the spout.

Which is, of course, why someone came up with the upside-down ketchup bottle in the first place.

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Good point. That’s how my ketchup is.

The mayonnaise jars which are now plastic . Forget about squeeze , never . But when that sucker hits the floor it doesn’t’ break . Not a peeve but a improvement .

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