What's the word on Zakarian's 'The National' in Greenwich?

Anyone tried it yet?

My partners at CTbites went during the first few weeks and reported this:

I have not heard from anyone who I would view as a credible source yet

Was wandering around downtown Greenwich at lunchtime just the other day and saw the NATL. Looked at their menu and the (fairly crowded) number of ppl. in there and decided to treat myself to a nice lunch. Prices are a bit on the high side but not out of line for a good meal in the Greenwich area. (Sorry Primosprimos) not much of a drinker so I did not check for a sidecar but I would guess they could make one. I had the fried chicken with spicy papaya and cabbage slaw and started with wood- grilled Tuscan bread. The bread was two thick slice, cut in half (four pieces) nicely grilled and charred with some garlic flavoring. I thought it was excellent ,but (being old fashioned(?),thought a basket of bread could have been included without an (admittedly small) surcharge. The fried chicken was 4 large hunks of chicken that came with a tiny cup of slaw and a pitcher of (?) to pour over the chicken and a miniature bottle of tabasco. The chicken was excellent (temperature) hot and juicy and crunchy crisp batter. My only criticism was it could have been seasoned a little more aggressively. The pitcher was a bit sweet, but I did not really use it and I’m not a fan of tabasco (I find it very one dimensional-just hot but not flavorful. The slaw had a nice tang to it. I will definitely go again but try more of the menu, I would definitely order the bread again however

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What do you think of it for a really big birthday dinner (not # of people, # of years!)?

(Sorry Primosprimos) not much of a drinker so I did not check for a sidecar but I would guess they could make one.

Thanks, rich, for thinking of me. :relaxed:

Sounds like I’ll have to get there sooner rather than later. I love good fried chicken - The Wooden Spoon has a good one with waffles, albeit a designer dish.

Although a charge for bread - don’t like that. I abandoned a very good Caribbean restaurant in Mount Vernon for just that reason. Come on, you open in Greenwich, and you can’t afford bread? Give me a break.

Churlish of me,but I really do think the bread should come to every table freely,it does seem to be a signature dish and just about every table seemed to have it. Unfortunately, I still recommend that you order it btw it’s a $1.50 up-charge - not outrageous but it should be provided!

Just posted your answer on the other board (looking for good restaurant)s. If it’s all adults would work very well

Thanks, rich - it’s Gwenn who will have to invite you! :grin:

She posted the question about having a party there.

P.S. Not churlish at all, I very much agree about the bread. As I noted, I was upset when they didn’t throw in the bread at the Caribbean place in Mount Vernon, I won’t be very pleased when they do the same in Greenwich. At least forewarned is forearmed, and I do want to try it.

I did not see the bread charge and am floored. A place in Norwalk charge for bread and water and was crucified on the Boards to the point that they eliminated the water fee.

But given the prices at National the charge for the bread is outrageous.

Not an actual charge,but I don’t think anything would have come to the table if I did not order the wood-grilled Tuscan bread $1.50 on the snack list

That would be a pig in a different color dress…still a pig


I sent them an email, let’s see if they answer me.

That was quick. Per Andrea Soto:

We would be more than happy to provide bread for the table upon request. We charge $1.50 for unlimited artisan wood-grilled garlic bread that is served with an eggplant spread.

rich, did you know the garlic bread was unlimited? Print this out next time you go.

Service lapse- perhaps they should mention that when they see an empty basket, also what the spread is (thought it was flavorless) L

The menu says smokey eggplant. Now I know to ask for bread!!!

Sorta confusing. Is there regular bread that there is no charge and if you want garlic bread and eggplant spread it is $1.50? If that is the case then they have a neat idea.

Sounds like the will provide non-garlic bread if asked but they don’t just put it on the table. They should have refilled Rich’s garlic bread if it was unlimited!

The menu is totally silent about “unlimited.” Likewise it does not mention “bread served upon request”.

My bet is they just made this up when it was called out.

Hopefully they will maintain this policy.

Yes, Gwenn, she said the non-appetizer bread is free, and the appetizer garlic bread with eggplant spread is unlimited.

jfood, Andrea said exactly as I posted. So they have to stick to it, don’t they.

Yeah, right.

That seems to be the case but I’m not sure bread would have been served if I did not order the grilled Tuscan bread- which admittedly was very good. Certainly should make ppl.aware and if unlimited - why no re-fill, although to be honest the 2 slices was certainly as much as I should eat (but probably would have eaten more)

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