What's on your mind? (2024)

This was picked up local press off an Instagram post by the restaurant, Manita, on Ossington Ave in Toronto.

I’m laughing that the story was picked up by TMZ.

Manita, the restaurant where he was not given a table is popular with beautiful people under 40.

I had tried to get a breakfast sandwich to go a couple times, the only times the restaurant has been mentioned here (by me :rofl:).

The hostesses were green (as in amateurish), and not courteous, when I asked for a take-out order last summer. I didn’t go back because one hostess had an attitude. I’m not saying her attitude was as big as the actor’s, but I do wonder if she was working. :rofl:

The restaurant he went to, Paris Paris, was the last restaurant I went to in March 2020, the Thursday before the first lockdown, with 3 Chowhounds.

It is a small (2 locations) brew pub, and I’ll frequent their other spot.

Went for check up with my primary care doc on Friday. Got a long overdue tetanus vax and booster # 5 for the covid in the other arm. I am feeling alive today and I can lift that arm now. That was the worse vax I’ve ever had. :dizzy_face:


A bad weekend for Yurp. Yikes.


I dread the tetanus and keep avoiding it. Because even when I was up to date, the 2x I went to the ER with a wound, the first thing they did was … give me a tetanus shot! :woman_shrugging:t3:

ETA. I’ve had (counts) 8 covid vaxes now, and each one was easier than the last (except for the 2nd … holey moley). I’ll keep on keeping on.

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I wish people were kinder to each other online. You never know what any of us might be going through at any point, and it is so easy to be nice. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and trying not to assume the worst possible intentions at all times makes for a friendlier atmosphere. How we read other people’s posts, and how we react to them is entirely up to us. We can be better.

Read and post with kindness. Be nice :heart:


Love the throwback avatar!


We’ll see how soon I tire of it, but I was missing my bunny :wink:


Funny how we just come to associate certain people with their avatars . . . I too was missing the bunny.


I know the bunny. I don’t know the other avatars, so I have to look to see who it is when I’m reading. :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. If there wasn’t the stickman chef I wouldn’t know what I was reading!


I respond to content, not posters, so I’m with you there. I recognize maybe a handful of avatars from peeps I interact with on a more regular basis, but if I had to do a “blind test”… yikes! :slight_smile:


I’ve had this avatar since :::gulp::: my AOL food message board days. It’s comfy shoes.


Comfy shoes are the BEST.


I think I’ve had one or two earlier avatars, but the cat paw trying to escape the basket has been with me for a long, long time now. I sometimes think of changing it, but comfy shoes are good at my age.


I recently heard an interview with a billionairess who was asked about her children. Interviewer commented on the tremendous advantages these children had enjoyed and asked what their mother wished for them in life. After a short pause, she answered, “I hope they will be kind.”


Do people know when they’re being unkind?

Do they know when their humour has a mean streak?

I think some people know when they’re being mean, but I think some others are clueless.



I really don’t mind freely tipping $5 on a $15 meal. But I sure as heck wouldn’t appreciate it being essentially forced from me.


And I think that the mean and clueless are often the most sensitive when cruel comments are aimed at them.