What's On Your Mind 2023

You’re blowing off our wonderful music thread?

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I followed\listened for a bit. But I guess I have a low attention span\earworm tolerance?

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The earworm to end all earworms…

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Now I’m definitely not unmuting for that . . . at least there was fair warning of what I’d get if I did click :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dooooooo iiiiiiiiiiitt!!! :shark:



Testing that video

Guard 🦜 volume up 😂 pic.twitter.com/mk0Sb2TzoY

— CCTV_IDIOTS (@cctv_idiots) May 8, 2023



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So funny!

Currently building the website for tourism. The license was just half the work. Building a reputation is the other half. Aiming at that.


Lol. That’s the piece container. Or in Omar Khayyam’s words, the “closet.”

Your existing tourism website is pretty good, though. I’ve combed through it even though I’ll probably not be able to talk my wife into a tour.

Here it is.

Lots of good stuff there. Maybe you just keep building on that one?

Or take all of its contents and build your new website using a lot of that content. Up to you, of course. But the old stuff was very interesting to read.


Thanks a lot for the review. Really happy and grateful that you took time to read it. Current website is the new one I’m building, if you take a look now. The one in this screen is from the template as soon as I installed it.
Earlier it was just a blog. I’m re-publishing those articles under the “Blog” menu. Still more to publish.
Home page I changed into tour packages etc, the business end.
I have written many self-guide articles, to be published soon. Before that I’m planning some itineraries so that I can go out as a tour operator soon.
The theme is a free one, and it works well as far as free themes go. I really want to support the theme creator by buying the pro version as soon as I start making some money from tourism.
I will definitely continue writing self-guide articles for those who wish to travel alone. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s so very kind of you to comment on my effort.


Went fishing this morning. Three hours, one bite, one ~ 3 pound channel catfish caught. (released)

It was chilly and cloudy and the birds were still chirping and the squirrels playing and the ducks came by 3 times and hung out for 10 minutes each time, asking me, “Where’s the food, Dood?”, so all-in-all 'twas a great morning.

I guess they’re accustomed to people feeding them?

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So DD1 and her BF had a horrible start to what was the beginning of an extended weekend in the San Juan Islands, boating and fishing.
They had a funky smell in their basement, and had been looking for a dead mouse/rat without success. Sooo, they opened one of their freezers which was filled with hundreds of pounds of fish & shellfish they’d caught, to take some out on their boat for meals. EXCEPT, the freezer had died and was full of rotting fish!! Guess they got it cleaned up & proceeded on their weekend. Their day got better, thankfully! I’m sure they’ll be putting alarms on their freezers shortly. Here are a couple pics.

We’re watching their doggies, hope they have extra shrimp to share!!


Gah. Well, after that, the smell of that sea lion probably wouldn’t bother them. (Worst smelling animal on earth, I’m pretty sure.)


Ha ha - good point there!

NYT: Nobody Like Tina Turner



Today is the 25 year anniversary of Phil Hartman’s untimely passing. Here’s one of my favorite SNL sketches of his: